A Nile Cruise Cairo – Enjoy a unique oriental spectacle with a great supper on a Cairo Dinner Cruise on the Nile River. Sempre Travel Egypt takes you on the Nile, Egypt’s lifeline, with this Cairo Night Tour.

Nile Cruise Cairo

Choose this stunning spot for your evening supper during your Cairo holiday and enjoy an engaging time on one of the Nile Cruise Cairo ships docked at the promenade.

This is one of the famous Egypt excursions that people from all over the world resort to.

Let’s discover all the details of the trip and more by looking at the following paragraphs.

Trip Activities

In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with information about the places we will go to on Nile Cruise Cairo trip, considered one of the ideal Cairo excursions.

First visit to Cairo Nile Cruise

Are you seeking something to do in the evenings during your Cairo excursions?

Sempre Travel Egypt has the ideal vacation for you, including a dinner on a 5* Nile ship with an exceptional restaurant!

Come along on this Cairo Dinner Cruise with us.

Tour of Cairo at Night

Our Cairo Night Tour begins with a pickup from your Cairo hotel for a thrilling drive across the city.

While our driver securely navigates the multi-lane streets towards the jetty, see the throbbing metropolis at night, a city that never sleeps.

Spend a fun dinner on the boat

One of the 5 Star Nile ships awaits you on the Nile Banks for our Cairo Dinner Cruise.

After the crew has taken you to your assigned seat.

The Nile Cruise boat departs and provides you with a spectacular view of Cairo at night while you dine on a delectable buffet.

Enjoy our Cairo Dinner Cruise with a live band, which includes a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine as well as Egyptian specialties.

In the end enjoy the best entertainment show

A short entertainment show is included in the Dinner Cruise program to make it even more spectacular.

You may see the Dervish Dancer and Belly Dancer put on a show that contributes to the success of our little cruise along Cairo’s Nile Banks.

Or sit on the top deck and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of Cairo’s lighted promenade.

We make our way back through the middle of Cairo to your accommodation at the end of this fun evening on the Nile Cruise.

You’ll note that Nile Cruise Cairo never sleeps during your journey.

Cairo inhabitants, particularly during the summer months.

Take advantage of the cooler nighttime temperatures to go shopping and rest outside.

The highlight of the trip

Nile Cruise Cairo

The most critical points that the trip includes and makes it an extraordinary journey can be summed up directly as follows:

The trip includes transfers to and from the residence.

All trip transfers are carried out using modern cars equipped with the best equipment to ensure that the customer gets the maximum possible comfort.

The trip includes a dinner cruise in Cairo.

The tour includes the eastern view.

Our professional team is there to help you with prompt return and pickup.

One factor not included in the trip is that the journey is not included in the customer’s expenses.

Hurry up now and book and enjoy the best Nile cruise ever.

And if you want to inquire about any other matter.

Contact us immediately, as we have a working team available around the clock.

On-call 24 to answer all your questions and inquiries related to this trip.