Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours include visits to the Aswan Dam, the Temple of Philae, and the Obelisk. During your Luxor vacation, see the stunning Aswan sites with Sempre Travel Egypt.

Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours

Make use of the Aswan Dam, the Temple of Philae, and the famed Unfinished Obelisk to:

Broaden Luxor’s cultural attractions with Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours.

Why choose Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours?

I decided on this trip in particular because it has a perfect program.

This Luxor Tour takes us from Luxor, Egypt’s most beautiful city on the Nile River, to Aswan, Egypt’s most stunning metropolis.

We pick you up from your Luxor hotel early in the morning and start the Nile trip to Aswan, on the Sudanese border.

You may have already heard about our first Aswan sights.

Our itinerary in Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours, in brief, is as follows:

Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours
Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours

Aswan Dam is our first destination

The Nile River’s water level is controlled by this spectacular dam, which manages Egypt’s electrical supply.

Of course, you dream of watching it, especially if you are aware of this information.

Floods along the Nile’s banks were common in former times.

As a result, Egypt chose in 1960 to create this massive project, which opened one year after its completion in 1971, after a ten-year building period.

Due to the great importance of this place, we chose it as our first destination of the trip.

Lake Nasser, which was created due to the construction, now stores up to 132 km3 of water!

Please inquire with our guide about the history of Lake Nasser and the changes in the Nubian people’s lives and all you think about this area.

Where and when can I discover the Temple of Philae?

On an island, the Temple of Philae may be found.

The spectacular temple complex of the Philae Temple.

It is located on a rocky island in the lake, can already be seen when crossing the old Aswan dam.

The Temple of Philae was salvaged from its original position on Philae Island.

And reconstructed on today’s Agilkia Island when Lake Nasser was inundated.

In 13 years of work, the most significant buildings were sawn into more than 37,000 blocks to recreate the temple complex in its former configuration.

The Temple of Philae has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

So we have put it in our main program as it is the leading destination for tourists from all over the world.

Enjoy the ride on one of the boats waiting for us at the jetty.

And don’t be afraid to ask your guide for more information about the Philae Temple’s fascinating history.

Back “on land,” we stop for a typical lunch before continuing to the next Aswan attraction.

What is our last destination?!

Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan Quarry is our last destination on this trip.

We travel to the old Aswan quarry, where rose granite was mined, and an incomplete obelisk may be seen.

It would have been the highest obelisk in Egyptian history if it had been built.

This obelisk is said to have been erected during Queen Hatshepsut’s reign and was intended for the Karnak Temple.

During the tour, you’ll see that the bottom section is still attached to the rock from which it was cut, as well as indications of failed division efforts.

Material flaws allegedly prevented the incomplete obelisk from being completed.

We leave the Aswan quarry with unforgettable recollections of Aswan on our way back to Luxor and your hotel.

Thus, you have already learned everything about Aswan Sights with Luxor Tours and its unique program.

So, It is time to book immediately to enjoy these fantastic attractions and see them in reality.