Sempre Travel Egypt will not disappoint you when it comes to Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna, which has one of Egypt’s most well-known beach resorts; read on to discover more about the trip.

Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna

Every fishing enthusiast will find a diverse assortment of fish off the coast of Hurghada’s several reefs.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, our Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna:

Individual fishing adventures in Hurghada Excursions can be arranged for you!

What is the schedule for the trip?

El Gouna Excursions has an excellent concept.

Let’s take a closer look at this Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna tour and what we’ll do with it in the following paragraphs.

Begin with a contemporary fishing vessel

We’ll pick you up from your Hurghada hotel and take you to our modern fishing boat in the Hurghada Marina, where you’ll meet up with your fishing pals.

For the length of your Hurghada fishing adventures, our advanced fishing boat is solely yours.

The vacation is planned in collaboration with you, which is beneficial to you.

Where can you go fishing in the Red Sea?

It would help to leave the most crucial fishing area in the Red Sea to our skilled captain, who knows the best fishing spots in Egypt’s Red Sea.

Are you an experienced angler who wishes to carry your gear?

It’s not a problem! Necessary equipment is given for free, while more specialized equipment can be hired.

A diverse range of fish species awaits you in the Red Sea.

From colorful reef dwellers to big fish obtained in deep-sea fishing, the Red Sea offers it all.

Prepare for a fight here before bringing your fish onto the boat!

Are you ready to go?

We’ll set out for our first fishing spot early in the morning.

Let’s have a look at how far you can go! Your quota determines how long we stay at each fishing location.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and make the “big catch” right immediately.

You have the option of taking it home or having our chef prepare the freshly caught seafood for you on a boat.

Is there a buffet on the ship?

Regardless of whether you are successful or not, we have enough food aboard the boat to prepare a new buffet for you at midday.

As you can see, we are adaptive!

Do you want to relax?

Our Hurghada fishing trips from El Gouna include everything, including swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on board.

A short breakdown of the fish species present in the northern Red Sea is as follows:

  • Mackerel (King)
  • Tuna
  • Barracuda
  • A colossal trevally
  • Snappers
  • Wahoo
  • Mahi-mahi

Only a handful of the Red Sea’s most popular species are found at varying depths and different seasons.

After a potentially successful Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna to Hurghada day trip, we continue our journey.

After a hopefully successful Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna to Hurghada day excursion.

We begin trip,journey back to the Hurghada boat pier.

From here, our transfer will take you to your El Gouna hotel.

Important guidelines

Fishing Hurghada from El Gouna

Before booking your Hurghada fishing excursion reservation, please read the following instructions:

All fishing from the coast requires a valid fishing license provided by the Egyptian Coast Guard.

On our fishing adventures from El Gouna on a charter boat, you won’t need a license; nevertheless, our tour leader will need your ID.

Everyone should realize that environmental protection is our number one priority.

Keep a safe distance from the reefs when fishing or snorkeling to prevent hurting them.