One of the many Cairo Excursions with Sempre Travel Egypt that you should not miss during your Cairo vacation is Coptic Cairo and its excellent Cairo sites. Find out the details of this particular trip by looking at this topic.

Coptic Cairo 

We’ll take you on a Coptic Cairo trip to the “Hanging Church” in Old Cairo, as well as the El Zeitoun Cairo Church, Abu Serga Church, and the Virgin Mary Tree, a popular pilgrimage destination.

We follow a perfect itinerary, so don’t miss reading the following lines if you want to check it out.

What is the program of the Coptic Cairo trip?

We pick you up after breakfast for one of our most stunning cultural Cairo tours, beginning with a visit to El Matareya, one of Cairo’s oldest neighborhoods.

Let’s look at the following few paragraphs to see what this “alive” witness of Christian history is all about.

Coptic Cairo
Coptic Cairo

What is the first thing we look forward to in Matariya?

The so-called “Virgin Mary Tree” is a plane tree in El Matareya where according to legend.

The Virgin Mary slept while escaping Herod before continuing her journey to Palestine with her baby.

The tree is still regarded as one of the most famous pilgrimage places by Christians, and it receives a large number of visitors every Christmas.

We continue our Old Cairo trip from here by seeing a variety of additional sites of significance.

Our second destination on the trip: Coptin Church El Zeitoun Cairo

El Zeitoun Cairo, a miniature version of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, became famous since it was here that the presence of the Virgin Mary in Egypt excursions was first proclaimed, thus the name St. Mary Cairo.

It’s a lovely structure in Old Cairo that’s well worth a look.

We have a lunch break at a local restaurant before continuing to the oldest area of Cairo on our tour.

Time to head to one of the most famous Coptic churches

Old Cairo’s Hanging Church – One of the most well-known Coptic Cairo churches is Masr el Adima, Cairo’s multi-religious district.

The “Hanging Church” (El Muallaqa), a basilica-style structure, takes its name from its location atop Cairo’s old city walls.

Every year, tourists go to Old Cairo to see the “Hanging Church.”

From here, we begin our journey to visit the rest of the unique places.

It’s time to visit the oldest churches in Egypt

; the well-known rest stop for the Holy Family on their trek through Egypt, The St Sergius, and St Bacchus Church, also known as Abu Serga Church.

It is one of Egypt’s earliest churches, dating back to the 5th century.

There is a cave within where the Holy Family found refuge during their flight.

We will return to your Cairo lodging after our educational Coptic Cairo – Old Cairo – Cairo Excursions.


We recommend that you dress modestly and bring a scarf with you when visiting holy sites.

All you need to know about the trip

The most important points and information that characterize the Coptic Cairo trip.

We have collected for you briefly and directly in the following lines:

  • Our guides are all Egyptologists with a minimum of 5 years of expertise.
  • All of our vehicles are equipped with current technology and air conditioning.
  • A 25% deposit of the travel price is required to secure the booking; this may be paid online using a credit card, Visa or Mastercard, or bank transfer.
  • The remaining 75% must be paid on the day of travel, before the commencement of the expedition, and can be paid by credit card or cash.
  • When we receive the 25% money, your trip is deemed complete and verified by your tour operator.