Diving for beginners from Hurghada – a dive tour for all novices and those who need a little refresher after a lengthy vacation from Diving. Learn more about its details by reading this article.

Diving for beginners from Hurghada

The Red Sea’s crystal clear water and colorful underwater environment provide ideal conditions for our Intro dive for beginners.

Sempre Travel Egypt and our professional dive guide will take you to some of the most stunning Egypt diving places near Hurghada’s beach.

This place is the area that will teach you how to use dive equipment.

Join us on a thrilling Hurghada Excursions scuba diving tryout.

How does Diving for beginners from the Hurghada trip go?

Diving for beginners from the Hurghada trip begins with Sempre Travel Egypt picking you up from your Hurghada accommodation.

The boat crew and an experienced diving instructor are already waiting for you at the boat dock.

Diving for beginners from Hurghada
Diving for beginners from Hurghada

During the Hurghada – Red Sea Boat Tour

Under the supervision of our dive instructor and dive equipment.

You will receive a full briefing on the safety principles and conduct necessary for diving.

An overview of the diving equipment

Before entering the water, our team will assist you in putting on your dive gear, ensuring that it fits properly, and testing the working of the diving bottle.

Meanwhile, we arrived at the first of our two Red Sea diving locations.

What are they?

Make our way to the first spectacular Red Sea coral reef with the diving instructor.

Following the professional instructions and diving at a shallow depth.

You will forget about the rest of the world once you see all the gorgeous corals with:

Their residents, colorful reef fish, and moray eels join you in the Red Sea underwater realm.

When you go back on the boat, there’s a fresh buffet waiting for you.

On the boat, there is a delicious buffet

Whatever was prepared by the team during your first dive is waiting for you.

While we make our way to the following location.

One of the most spectacular diving locations in the Red Sea, relax on the sun deck or in one of the spots with some shade.

If you do not choose to dive at the second dive location.

You may spend your spare time relaxing or snorkeling.

Above all, please take advantage of our diving for beginners tour, one of our Hurghada excursions.

See the fantastic Red Sea underwater world.

Back on boat – See’ll make our way to the Hurghada jetty, and we hope you liked our Hurghada scuba diving for beginners.

Diving for beginners from Hurghada Introduction Tries scuba diving as a warm-up for our expert divers’ Hurghada diving adventures.

You will be transferred back to your Hurghada hotels from the boat port.


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