Get Hurghada dolphin houseboat Trip with Sempre Travel Egypt’s which is a popular Hurghada snorkeling cruise. Find out all about it by looking at this thread.

Dolphin houseboat Trip

Take a vacation to Hurghada to see the dolphins in their natural home, the Red Sea.

The Hurghada Dolphin houseboat Trip adventure allows you to swim at two magnificent coral reefs in the Red Sea and view dolphins in the wild.

You have to realize that this trip is one of the best and most enjoyable Hurghada Excursions ever.

How will the trip go?

Hurghada Dolphin houseboat trip is one of the extraordinary trips.

Sempre Travel Egypt organizes it as follows:

Dolphin houseboat Trip
Dolphin houseboat Trip

Snorkeling in Hurghada is the beginning

Our Hurghada Dolphin House excursion to the dolphins’ habitat begins with a timely pick-up from your Hurghada hotel.

For the move to the Red Sea cruise after that.

How will the Red Sea trip by boat?

At the Hurghada jetty, the cheerful boat crew greets you and gives you quick safety instructions about behaving on board and in the sea.

If you don’t have your snorkeling equipment, we’ll gladly lend it to you.

At all times, our snorkeling guide is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Meanwhile, we begin our boat excursion to the first snorkeling destination of our tour.

Two of the best snorkeling places in the Red Sea Dolphin House is a place where dolphins live.

The Red Sea’s Best Snorkeling Spots – 2 Snorkeling Spots

The first of two snorkeling areas, home to the Hurghada Dolphins, is approached by our expert boat skipper.

The dolphins stay in Hurghada’s coastal region depending on the season and weather conditions.

They’re hunting for food and refuge along the Red Sea coral reef, and with any luck, they’ll show up during our snorkeling excursions.

Is your snorkeling gear a perfect fit?

Let’s get in the water now!

With its world-famous diving and snorkeling locations, the Red Sea of Egypt is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in the world.

Diverse coral reefs provide an eclectic backdrop of colorful fish.

You’ll find yourself losing track of time while exploring the intriguing Red Sea underwater environment.

On the boat, unwind on the sun deck till lunch is served, a delectable buffet on the ship.

Buffet time on the boat

It was freshly cooked for you by the boat crew.

We make our way to the second snorkeling area after lunch.

Focus well on the deck; dolphins are known to follow vessels.

After arriving at the final of our two snorkeling places, Dolphin House, you will have the opportunity to watch dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphins are happy little creatures who live in family groupings.

Please keep your distance and approach them with respect!

You’ll have plenty of time to explore the coral reef and all of its creatures at our second snorkeling stop, which is one of the several Red Sea coral reefs.

Take some photos of the exciting coral reef environment home with you if you have an underwater camera.

Sunbathing on the sun deck

You may utilize the return voyage to the Hurghada jetty to rest a bit on the sun deck.

And discuss your experiences with the others after spending time at two snorkeling places in the neighborhood of Hurghada Dolphin House.

Our Sempre Travel Egypt staff will return you to your hotel at the end of our Dolphin House Snorkeling.

The Dolphin houseboat Trip, with best wishes for the remainder of your time in Hurghada.