El Gouna Diving for beginners – a unique and exciting trip at the same time. If you love adventure, do not let this trip get lost in your hands.

El Gouna Diving for beginners

Our Intro dive for novices takes place in the Red Sea, which has crystal clear water and a vibrant underwater environment.

Sempre Travel Egypt will take you to some of the most beautiful Egypt diving spots around El Gouna’s beach with our certified dive guide.

This is the location where you will be taught how to operate diving equipment.

Join us on a spectacular scuba diving trial with El Gouna Excursions.

How did the El Gouna trip’s Diving for Beginners go?

Sempre Travel Egypt will pick you up from your resort to El Gouna Diving for beginners excursion.

At the boat dock, the crew and an experienced diving instructor are already waiting for you.

During the El-Gouna – Red Sea Boat Tour, our diving instructor will supervise you and provide you with dive equipment.

You will be thoroughly briefed on the safety concepts and behavior required for scuba diving.

An overview of scuba diving gear

Our experts will help you in putting on your dive gear, verifying that it fits properly.

And you were testing the operation of the diving bottle before you entered the water.

In the meanwhile, we arrived at the first of our two Red Sea diving sites.

It’s time to see the coral reefs

With the diving instructor, we’ll make our way to the first stunning Red Sea coral reef.

We were diving at a shallow depth while following expert guidance.

When you see all of the beautiful corals, you’ll forget about the rest of the world.

In the Red Sea’s underwater domain, you’ll meet its residents, beautiful reef fish, and moray eels.

When you return to the boat, you’ll find a freshly prepared buffet.

A delectable buffet is available on the boat

Whatever the team prepared for you on your first dive is ready for you.

While we’re on our way to the next place.

Relax on the sun deck or in one of the shaded areas at one of the most stunning diving locations in the Red Sea.

If you opt not to dive at the second dive site.

You can rest or go snorkeling in your leisure time.

Above all, please take advantage of one of our El Gouna excursions, our El Gouna Diving for beginners tour.

See the fantastic underwater environment of the Red Sea.

Returning to the boat, we’ll head to El Gouna dock, and we hope you enjoyed our El Gouna scuba diving for beginners.

Beginner scuba diving from El Gouna Introduction Tries scuba diving as a warm-up for our El Gouna diving trips with expert divers.

From the ferry terminal, you will be transported back to your El Gouna hotel.


El Gouna Diving for beginners
El Gouna Diving for beginners

El Gouna Diving for beginners: this is the topic of our discussion today.

After going over everything linked to it and the trip in general.

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