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El Gouna is famously known as Egypt’s greenest and environmentally friendly town.

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El Gouna (“The lagoon”) is an Egyptian tourist resort, owned by Samih Sawiris, an Egyptian man, and developed by Orascom Hotels and Development, dating from 1989. It boasts excellent traditional Nubian style with Modern architecture created with local materials such as clay and natural stone were used for building. That is why El Gouna is also called “Venice of the Orient.” It is located on the Red Sea, 25 kilometers north of Hurghada, and has about 25.000 inhabitants. It is easily accessed via the nearby International Airport in Hurghada, usually with a 45 minutes transfer time.  

The city consists of 18 different hotels such as Labranda Club ParadisioSteigenberger Golf Resort, Mövenpick Spa & Resort, Ancient Sands Gold Resort, Sheraton Miramar Resorts, Bellevue Beach Hotel, Cook’s Club El Gouna, Dawar El Omda Hotel, Sultan Bey, The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel, Fanadir Hotel, Mosaique Hotel, The Three Corners Rihana Inn and Rihana Resort, Captain’s Inn, Turtle’s Inn, Casa Cook El Gouna, and La Maison Bleue.   

City Tour El Gouna

El Gouna has three main areas: Downtown, Tamr Henna Square, and Abu Tig Marina, with excellent services and beautiful natural beaches with Egypt’s all-year-round sunshine. There are many excellent Restaurants, Cafés, and Bars in all directions, where you can comfortably spend your time with friends and family. El Gouna also has a school, including a campus from TU Berlin, a library, cinema, a church, mosque, a fully equipped international hospital, a small private airport for charter aircraft, a football stadium, and more. The city can be explored on foot, by car or even by local way in a Tuk Tuk, or even on a guided city tour and a beautiful lagoon trip with a small boat, to see El Gouna from the seaside, and it looks different every time. 

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El Gouna is considered one of the most popular places in the world for water sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, or simple sailing on an Ocean Diva Catamaran.  

You will have a fantastic time discovering the wonderful hidden underwater world with colorful fish and corals in the Red Sea.  

The city also offers great activities on land. Whether playing tennis, squash, go-karting, horse riding, playing golf, you name it, El Gouna has it to offer, and there is something for everyone.  

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The summer season traditionally falls between April and October, which is dry, likely to be relatively hot and also peak travel time for tourists from all corners of the globeThe winter season runs between November and March, which is dry and moderately warm, however in the evening the temperatures drop across the desert allowing it to become much cooler at night. July is the hottest month in El Gouna with an average temperature ranging between 3040°C and the coldest month is January with a low of 16°C. 

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Eastern Desert

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El Gouna is the perfect place for a vacation in Egypt. There are many reasons for this, but above all, many holidaymakers are drawn to this former small fishing village due to its beautiful long sandy beaches. White sand and crystal-clear waters surrounded by the breathtaking Arabian desert landscape and oriental palm trees. What more could you want? 

If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay in El Gouna for several days – ideally weeks, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at all there are to do from sunrise, through the day and deep into the night! Discover the great activities in El Gouna! 

Let’s start with a few beaches and pools! Buzzha Beach & Elements are both excellent places to start, with great food, beautiful beaches & professional Kitesurfing stations if you’re ready to hit the water straight away. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, you may want to sip some cocktails at Smokery Beach or spend the day at The Clubhouse getting some sun by the pool! 

When it comes to golf, El Gouna has some truly impressive options, with two absolutely beautiful 18 holes, championship-level courses that are available for year-round play, having been engineered to be suitable for all experience levels. 

With pristine beaches, amazing coral reefs, and a stunning coastline, it’s not surprising that water sports abound in El Gouna! You can pick & choose from Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Glass Bottom Boats, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, and more activities in El Gouna. 

If on the other hand if you’re keen to stay on land, once again, options abound and you can easily take part in Horseback Riding, Go-Karting, Volleyball, Bike Riding, Mini-Golf, Squash, Tennis and walk literally to your heart’s content – maybe stopping at the Sea Cinema for a blockbuster film! 

Should you be feeling a bit on the adventurous side though, then trying some excursions may very well be perfect for your tastes. How about starting with some island hopping, or maybe enjoy a day out on a catamaran sailing cruise? Should this sound too far afield, Quad Biking during sunset or a Desert Safari may be more up your alley! 

And considering you may very well be staying in El Gouna with family, particularly with young children or babies, there are a variety of options to make life easier! There’s a really awesome place called Cheeky Monkeys in the marina that has an indoor bouncy castle, with all sorts of fun activities to keep your children engaged, and should you need babysitting, there are several services in town that offer daytime hours and if you need even more, it may be possible to hire nurses from El Gouna hospital if they’re available. 

Now, you’re going to be really impressed with the restaurant options in El Gouna, with such a vast array of foods, from all over the world – it’ll literally take you weeks just to sample half of them, and they’re really good, too. So prepare yourself for an absolutely amazing experience and keep in mind that there’s almost always a special event happening in El Gouna, whether ‘live’ music, marathons, fitness challenges, dancing, contests on one kind or another – the list goes on… you’ll love it! 

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The Red Sea

For some, it is a divine paradise; for others, it is an important oil well or an indispensable transport route: the Red Sea.  

Desert mountains rise on its shores. In its depths, it hides a dazzling variety of fish and corals. 

From a geological perspective, the “Bahr al-Ahmar”, as the Red Sea is called in Arabic, is still quite young. It was created about 20-30 million years ago by separating the African and Asian continental plates. The resulting crack was filled with seawater. 

The beautiful Red Sea in Egypt has a surface area of about 438.000 km2, is around 2.250 km long, and, at its widest point, 355 km wide. It has a maximum depth of 3.040m in the central Suakin Trough and an average depth of 490 m. There are extensive shallow shelves, noted for their marine life and corals, too. 

Crystal clear water and sunshine that warms the soul, make the Egyptian Red Sea a great destination for vacationers all year round. 

The Red Sea Riviera is an extended coastal area full of beautiful beaches that lead to the Red Sea in Egypt. Here you’ll be able to swim among dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles, and an overwhelming number of fishes and corals. It is the perfect destination for diving at any time of the year. 

Hurghada, is one of the oldest vacation spots on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea and also one of the famous attractions for tourists. The possibilities for activities in land and on the water are almost unlimited. You can take a submarine ride that allows you to explore 22 meters underwater, snorkeling amongst the vibrant marine life or relax on one of its beautiful Islands such as Paradise Island, Mahmya Island, and Orange Bay.  

El Gouna is a modern resort on the Red Sea, where you can choose to relax and take scenic walks along its marinas and lagoons or head out to spend a day on the sea with the Ocean Diva Catamaran, one of the most popular excursions in El Gouna. Diving, fishing, snorkeling, and much more is available to you in El Gouna. 

Marsa Alam, which is located south of Hurghada, also offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving. For example, one of the most popular places is Abu Dabbab, where you have the chance to see dugongs, sea turtles, and more. Snorkel amongst the islands of Hamata national park or discover the marine life of Sataya Reef or Samadai Reef. For experienced divers, Elphinstone Reef is not to be missed with the opportunity of coming face to face with white tip and hammerhead sharks. 

The Red Sea in El Gouna, Egypt, has a lot more to offer. More cities, more excursions, more fun, and excitement. Sempre Travel Egypt offers all these fantastic excursions.

Ras Mohamed Snorkeling Tour
Mahmya from El Gouna
Snorkeling Port Ghalib

Year-Round Excitement on the Red Sea Coast 

The Red Sea Coast is the perfect holiday destination! 

Who could ask for more? With amazing weather year round and a long coastline with pristine, brilliantly clear waters it’s the perfect place for water-sports of all kinds, with reefs that abound with life & more than enough sights for even the most discerning diving enthusiast. 

So even though most people will usually think of diving when you say Red Sea Coast, there are actually all kinds of activities on the water too, for instance Kitesurfing is a huge year-round draw in El Gouna because of the fantastic wind conditions and shallow waters that go quite a ways out from shore. Not surprisingly, these conditions are just fantastic for windsurfers as well! 

So if you’re into Kitesurfing, there are a number of excellent Kite centres that provide great facilities, with up-to-date equipment and highly skilled training staff with internationally recognised training courses for Kitesurfers of all skill levels. Several of the primary Kitesurfing centres are Element Watersports, Kitboarding Clup (KBC), Red Sea Zone, Kiteboarding Club El Gouna, Kite Family, Kitepower, Kite People and Osmosis. 

Kitesurfing el gouna
Hurghada Scuba Diving

Diving in the Red Sea 

It’s extremely easy to book day trips for snorkelling, scuba diving or free diving when you’re in Hurghada or El Gouna and the prices are usually quite reasonable too. With all kinds of coral reefs & shipwrecks you can explore with such an incredible variety of life in the ocean – not to mention seeing dolphins too, you’ve every reason to start planning your holiday (or just pack up and move) now! 

Riding the waves in El Gouna 

As mentioned above, Kitesurfing truly is the main draw for enthusiasts from around the world, but there’s a place on the edge of El Gouna called Sliders which is literally a huge cable park, being dedicated to Wakeboarding and catering to people at all skill levels. 

Sliders has 2 system 5:0 Olympic standard cables with two ‘easy rides’ available to help teach people who are new to the sport. 

So obviously Sliders is a brilliant place for Wakeboarding, however it also has a swimming pool, a spot for volleyball and a place for people to watch others do tricks in the water. And if you’re there to relax or are planning on hanging out for the day, they’ve an excellent bar & great food too! 

Sliders El Gouna