Our Cairo day tour to Fayoum Oasis is one of our unique Cairo excursions that you should not miss out on during your Cairo vacation. Just get to know us through this topic on the itinerary and hurry up to book now.

Fayoum Oasis

Since the beginning, the Fayoum excursion has been one of the most unique.

We begin our excursion after breakfast when we pick you up from your Cairo hotel.

Then we drive you to one of Egypt’s most beautiful natural locations.

Why is heading on Fayoum Oasis be fun?

The Fayoum Oasis is not regarded as a genuine oasis.

It is fed by the Nile River’s water rather than subsurface springs and wells.

It is known for its abundant natural resources and three protected areas.

One of which is the Valley of the Whales, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is a desert location with a distinct climate and geology that has resulted in a unique environment.

As you approach, take in the beautiful greenery.

What will you do on the trip?

Don’t miss out on our trip, it only takes a day, but it’s going to be a particular day.

The trip begins, as we mentioned to you above, after breakfast.

The team based on the trip will start doing their work and take you up from your place of residence in Cairo, and then the trip will start immediately.

The journey will start by heading to the following:

Fayoum Oasis

Many people want to go to this Oasis for many reasons.

The most prominent of which is what we mentioned to you in the previous paragraph in which we answered this question:

Why is heading to this Oasis be fun?

This place is our first destination on the trip and will guarantee you an enjoyable and more than perfect start.

Fayoum Waterwheels: Karanis Egypt

Karanis is one of the highlights of our trip.

Karanis, a city constructed by Greek mercenaries in the 3rd century in the northeastern part of the Oasis.

A significant cultural component of our day excursion awaits you here.

We come to find the Fayoum Waterwheels, which played a significant part in the economics of the Fayoum Oasis in the 3rd century, among various temple remains.

The most spectacular Waterwheels may be found in Fayoum City, where there are four Waterwheels.

And farther north in the Oasis, where there are seven Waterwheels all near to one other.

We continue our journey from the Fayoum Waterwheels to another perfect place.

Lake Qarun

Qarun Lake was once a freshwater lake, but the runoff water from Fayoum City’s canals began to flow.

But It has become saltier Now.

Nowadays, the lake is a popular spot for water activities like windsurfing and rowing.

As well as fishing enthusiasts and environment lovers who come to see the swans and rare falcons that call it home.

We stop for lunch at a small eatery before driving to our following location, around 55 kilometers northwest of Fayoum City.

Qarun Qasr

We explore the well-preserved Qasr Qarun Temple with its maze of chambers, dungeons, tunnels, and corridors.

The perfect spot for exploration here is Qasr Qarun, which is an inappropriate description of a temple.

The spiral staircase leads to the roof, where you may enjoy a unique perspective of the desert landscape to the south and west.

Winter solstice, around December 21st, is a spectacular time to come.

Because beams of sunshine enter the typically gloomy temple interior and highlight the sculptures of the crocodile deity Sobek in the Qasr Qarun Temple’s sanctuary.

Our Cairo day trip is still going strong.

Wadi El Rayan 

Our final stop on the Fayoum tour in Wadi El Rayan.

One of the gorgeous sites in Wadi El Rayan that we visit on our journey to one of the most remarkable natural reserves is two relatively large lakes joined by a tiny river and Egypt’s only waterfalls.

Our Fayoum Oasis – Cairo day trip concludes with a means of transport back to your Cairo hotel.