Sempre Travel Egypt will not let you down with Hurghada Fishing Trips ever, which is one of Egypt’s most prominent tours; learn more about the trip by reading what follows.

Hurghada Fishing Trips

A broad range of fish awaits every fishing enthusiast off the coast of Hurghada’s several reefs.

Our Fishing Hurghada: Hurghada day tours with Sempre Travel Egypt will make your heart beat faster, whether you are a novice or a pro.

We can arrange individual fishing expeditions in Hurghada Excursions for you!

What is the itinerary?

Hurghada Fishing Trips includes a fantastic plan.

Let’s find out about this plan and what we will implement in detail by looking at the next paragraphs.

Start with a modern fishing boat

We will pick you up from your Hurghada or El Gouna to transport you to our contemporary fishing boat in the Marina Hurghada, together with your fishing buddies.

Our sophisticated fishing boat is exclusively accessible to your party for the duration of your Hurghada fishing expeditions.

The trip is organized in conjunction with you, which is to your advantage.

Where are the places of Red Sea fishing?

The Red Sea’s most important site for Fishing is something you should leave to our expert skipper, who knows the most incredible fishing spots in Egypt’s Red Sea.

Are you a seasoned angler who wants to bring your gear with you?

It’s no issue! Essential equipment is provided for free, while more specialized equipment can be rented.

The Red Sea awaits you with a variety of fish species.

The Red Sea has it all, from colorful reef dwellers to large fish caught in deep-sea Fishing.

Prepare yourselves for a battle here before you bring your catch on the boat!

Are you all set to go?

We’ll leave early in the morning for our first fishing site.

Let’s see how far you can get! How long we stay at one fishing area is determined by your quota.

Perhaps you make the “big catch” right away.

You can choose to take it home or have our chef cook the freshly caught for you on a boat in this instance.

Are there buffets on the boat?

We have enough goods on the boat to create a fresh buffet for you at noon, regardless of whether you are successful or not.

We are, as you can see, adaptable!

Do you wish to unwind?

Everything is available on our Hurghada fishing trips, including swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on board.

A quick rundown of the species of fishes found in the northern Red Sea:

  • King mackerel
  • Tuna
  • Barracuda
  • Huge trevally
  • Snappers
  • Wahoo
  • Mahi-mahi

These are just a few of the favorites found at various depths and seasons in the Red Sea.

We begin our voyage back to the boat dock in Hurghada after having a successful fishing trip.

Our transfer will take you from here.

Important instructions

Hurghada Fishing Trips
Hurghada Fishing Trips

You must read these Hurghada fishing trips instructions below before making your reservation, such as:

A valid fishing license issued by the Egyptian Coast Guard is required for all Fishing from the shore.

You won’t need a license on our Hurghada fishing expeditions on a charter boat; our tour guide requires your ID.

Everyone should understand that environmental conservation is our primary responsibility.

When Fishing or snorkeling, stay a safe distance from the reefs to avoid damaging them.