Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada – you will have the chance to explore the Luxor East Bank, the famous Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple on the magnificent Luxor promenade, and the Luxor West Bank, with the Habu Temple and more areas.

Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada

Our Hurghada excursions are known to be distinguished excursions. Especially the Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada will take you to many impressive spots.

For this we would like to tell you in this article some more about what to expect.


Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada
Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada

What is the itinerary for the trip?

Part of the excursion is a visit to the following fascinating sights…

Luxor private tour by van or vehicle

The journey from your holiday destination Hurghada begins with the pick-up from your accommodation and the ride to Luxor.

We begin our Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada in the early morning and make our way to probably the world’s largest open-air museum.

Enjoy the journey in a small group through the mountain landscape along the shore of the Red Sea.

After arriving in Luxor we start with a visit of the famous Karnak Temple.

Visit Karnak Temple

The Karnak Temple, located on Luxor East Bank, is perhaps the world’s biggest temple complex, consisting of small temples, chapels, and the holy lake.

A wonderful Sphinx Alley at the entrance marks a long procession trail. Previously, this road served as a connection between the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple.

The Luxor Sphinx Avenue has been repaired after years of excavation labor. When you first enter the Karnak Temple, you are greeted by a massive columned Hall.

It’s still a mystery how these gigantic constructions were built in time of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Before we make our way deeper into the temple complex, you have some time to take spectacular shots in the light-filled columned hall with its enormous sculptures.

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our Egyptologist will be pleased to tell you about the temple’s history.

We will visit the Karnak holy lake, which was used by pharaohs in Ancient Egypt for ablution ceremonies, in the outside area of Karnak Temple.

Perfect Trip Destination: Temple of Luxor

The Luxor Temple also known as a “Coronation Temple.” is situated on the Nile River’s picturesque bank promenade and a stunning gateway to Luxor City.

Erected under Ramses II and Memphis, the Luxor Temple was turned into a fort by Alexander the Great.

Later, four churches were built on the site, but just one of them lasted to this day.

The Luxor Temple, like the Karnak Temple, was errected by successive monarchs.

Before heading to Luxor West Bank we will visit the shrine inside the temple complex. Grab the chance and take in the magnificent view of the opposite Nile River Bank.

Learn some more about Luxor’s traditional kitchen!

After arriving at Luxor West Bank, we take a break for lunch at a traditional restaurant at the foot of the highlands.

The final site: Habu Temple

The Habu Temple, whose reliefs chronicle the narrative of his architect Ramses III’s triumphs is one of the best-preserved temples.

It’s also mentioned that the first strike in labor history happened here during the construction phase.

The workers in Deir el-Medina went on strike due to poor working conditions.

On our Luxor Day Tour from Hurghada you will learn a lot about the historical significance of the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and Habu Temple.

All of this in the relaxing ambiance of a Sempre Travel Egypt Private Luxor Tour.

We depart from Luxor West Bank for our return journey to Hurghada and hope you have recorded some of the most incredible memories from your Hurghada Day Trip to Luxor on camera.