Join Sempre Travel Egypt on a Luxor East Bank Tour to see two of the most renowned temples in the history of Thebes Luxor in Ancient Egypt, the Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple, both located on the gorgeous Nile River promenade.

Luxor East Bank Tour 

Take a tour of the Luxor East Bank Tour and see the best sights.

When mentioning Egypt excursions, it is necessary to note this most beautiful trip in Luxor.

Let’s look at the details of the journey from A to Z by reading the following paragraphs.

What is the itinerary?

Our staff will pick you up from your Luxor hotel or your Nile cruise ship in the morning after a relaxing breakfast.

And take you on an expedition into Ancient Egypt.

We begin our journey in Luxor East Bank Tour by seeing one of the world’s largest temple complexes, the Luxor Temple Complex.

Enjoy Luxor East Bank Tour 
Enjoy Luxor East Bank Tour

Our first visit to Karnak Temple

The building of Karnak’s magnificent temple complex took numerous generations of pharaohs.

Parts were often destroyed and replaced with existing components.

Karnak Temple was built over centuries and will enchant you as you approach the temple complex with its chapels, towers, columns, sculptures, and obelisks.

The way to the most significant pillars of the world: Avenue of the Sphinx

The temple’s entrance is marked by a sphinx-lined road known as Sphinx Avenue.

It was part of a procession from Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple and led straight to its most enormous hypostyle hall.

Hall of Hypostyle

There are information boards about the many cult structures in the Karnak Temple itself.

Our knowledgeable Egyptologist in Luxor excursions will be at your side to answer any questions you may have as you stroll around the vast temple complex.

What is the story of the holy Karnak Lake that he visits?

The Karnak Holy Lake, which is still filled with water, was used for ablution’ ritual washing rites in the outside space.

It provides a beautiful background to the lit temple complex of Karnak during the Karnak Sound and Light Show, which is conducted on select evenings.

We make our way to the lovely location with these overpowering impressions in Luxor East Bank Tour.

Time to head to Luxor Temple

From the perspective of the lovely Luxor promenade to the temple complex of the Luxor Temple.

You can see church remains, a mosque inside the complex.

As well as the actual temple building during the period of the gods’ worship, which, in contrast to the Karnak Temple, is not as well preserved.

What is the Temple of the Coronation?


The tower at the entryway is one of Egypt’s largest, with a width of 65 meters and a height of 25 meters.

With 100 meters, the largest is at Karnak Temple, while the second largest is in Edfu.

How do we proceed through the magnificent?

We proceed through the magnificent 14-column arcade that connects Ramses II’s also a courtyard to the southern temple region.

The ruins of little churches from the Christian era in Thebes may be found inside the complex (Luxor).

When we visit Obelisk of Luxor?

One of the two obelisks that used to be within the Luxor Temple has been on display at Paris’ Place de la Concorde since 1836, a gift from Egypt.

What are three faiths from around the world?

The remnants of three critical historical periods are still apparent today at the Luxor Temple:

The rule of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, Egypt during the Coptic Christian period, and Islamic Egypt.

Last round: Sphinx Avenue, Luxor Temple

When you exit the Luxor Temple:

You’ll notice the majestic avenue of sphinxes, which connected Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.

It was rebuilt after years of excavation and repair work, over the opposition of many Luxor locals.

After our Luxor East Bank Tour – Karnak Temple – Luxor Temple.

You’ll get some free time to take in the scenery of the Nile River’s opposite bank.

With excellent visibility, you may also be able to see the Hatshepsut Temple.

One of the Luxor West Bank’s highlights.

Before being returned to your Luxor hotel or escorted to your Nile cruise ship.