With our Luxor Hot Air Balloon trip, get up early in the morning at sunrise on the Luxor West Bank and experience the unique perspective of the world’s biggest open-air museum, Thebes, with Sempre Travel Egypt.

Luxor Hot Air Balloon

The Luxor Hot Air Balloon flight is a beautiful ride.

It is one of the most requested fun Egypt excursions ever.

Let’s find out what we will do on the trip by looking at the following paragraphs.

What will we do on the Luxor Hot Air Balloon trip?

Our trip will start at sunrise and will end with a look at the largest open-air museum in the world.

Find out the details that will permeate the beginning and end of the trip by looking at the following essential paragraphs:

How to be Luxor Sunrise?

It would help if you left your Luxor accommodation early in the morning to prepare for the transfer with Sempre Travel Egypt.

For the beginning location of our Luxor Hot Air Balloon Trip to see the most magnificent dawn in Luxor.

Our skilled pilots are ready to take you to one of Luxor excursions most impressive sights.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon for a change of pace.

You may attend the intriguing preparation, the inflation of your balloon.

Before experiencing one of the most stunning hot air balloon trips over an unparalleled gorgeous environment with ancient temples.

And tombs along the famous Nile River with its luscious green fields.

We begin our journey on the Hot Air Balloon trip in Luxor.

After successfully “boarding” the balloon, the ground personnel will assist you.

It’s time to Luxor Balloon Ride

You’ve probably seen one or two breathtaking aerial images from a Luxor balloon trip.

But seeing Luxor from a “birds-eye perspective” is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

By the way, even novice photographers have produced stunning images from this vantage point; don’t forget your camera!

View of Luxor’s attractions

Luxor’s dawn provides the ideal backdrop for stunning photographs.

As the sun rises over the Nile Valley, relax and observe as the communities beneath you slowly awaken as you soar over some of Luxor’s most famous attractions.

Before we slow down with the final one, don’t be scared to ask the expert pilot questions about each place.

Take a look around the world’s largest open-air museum

The Hot Air Balloon returns to the launch site, where the crew will greet you with a soft drink and a “Balloon Ride certificate.”

We’ll then take you back to your Luxor hotel or the Nile Cruise Ship after finishing the Luxor Hot Air Balloon trip.


Luxor Hot Air Balloon
Luxor Hot Air Balloon

Luxor excursions should not be mentioned without referring to this exciting excursion.

That trip is the most requested by many customers, especially young people and lovers of fun, thrill, and trying new things.

The trip includes transportation expenses to and from the accommodation.

It also includes drinking soft drinks, balloon rides, and more, as well as unique features.

In a nutshell, the trip does not include only your expenses.

So do not miss the opportunity from your hands and seize it now to get everything you want.

To know additional details about this trip besides the points we mentioned to you in the previous lines.

So, all you have to do is contact us, and you will get all the information you want about the trip.

We have an outstanding work team and support team available to communicate with you and provide you with all the inquiries you need to know within 24 hours.

Call us now and get what you want.