Luxor Private Tour from El Gouna: You’ll get the opportunity to see the Luxor East Bank, which includes the famous Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple on the spectacular Luxor promenade, and the Luxor West Bank, which provides the Habu Temple and other attractions.

Luxor Private Tour

Our El Gouna excursions are well-known for their excellence.

The Luxor Day Tour from El Gouna, in particular, offers several benefits.

After reading this post you will get all the information about the tour and its itinerary.

What is the trip’s schedule?

The comprehensive Luxor Private Tour starts with a visit to each of the following places:

Luxor Private Tour
Luxor Private Tour

Luxor tours by car or van

The journey from El Gouna, your vacation destination, also begins with the pickup from your accommodation.

We start our Luxor Day Tour, the world’s biggest open-air museum, early in the morning from El Gouna.

Enjoy the adventure in a small group as we make our way to Luxor over the Red Sea’s highland beauty.

We visit the majestic Luxor Temple as soon as we arrive in Luxor.

Karnak Temple should be visited

The Karnak Temple, located on Luxor East Bank, is one of the biggest temple complex worldwide with its small temples, chapels, and sacred lake.

The Sphinx Alley near the entrance marks the end of a long procession track.

This route once functioned as a connection between the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple.

After years of excavating work, the Luxor Sphinx Avenue has been restored.

A vast columned Hall greets visitors as they approach the Karnak Temple.

It’s still a mystery how these massive structures were built during the Egyptian pharaohs’ reign.

Take some amazing photos in the light-filled columned hall with its massive statues before we proceed deeper into the temple complex.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for some more information. Our Egyptologist will be delighting to provide you with information on the temple’s history.

In the outside area of the Karnak Temple we will visit the Karnak holy lake, used by pharaohs in ancient Egypt for ablution ceremonies.

Luxor Temple is one of the ideal trip destinations

The Luxor Temple is another beautiful destination on our Luxor Private Tour.

This impressive Coronation Temple forms a lovely entryway to Luxor City, located on the promenade of the Nile River.

The Luxor Temple, built under the reigns of Ramses II and Memphis, was transformed into a fort by Alexander the Great.

Four churches were later erected on the site, but only one has survived to this day.

Like the Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple was built by consecutive rulers.

Before travelling to Luxor West Bank, we make a stop at the temple’s shrine. From Luxor East Bank, you also will enjoy the impressive view at the opposite Nile River banks.

Discover Luxor’s traditional kitchen.

We stop for lunch at a traditional restaurant after arriving on Luxor West Bank.

The final destination is Habu Temple

The reliefs on the Habu Temple tell the story of his architect Ramses III and his victories.

It is one of the most well-preserved temples in the area.

During the construction period, the report also describes the first worker strike in history.

Workers in Deir el-Medina went on strike in protest of terrible working conditions.

You will learn about the historical significance of the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and also Habu Temple on our Luxor Day Tour from El Gouna.

All of this takes place in the tranquil surroundings of a Sempre Travel Egypt Luxor Private Tour.

On our way back to El Gouna, we leave Luxor’s West Bank behind us and hope you’ve captured some of the most unforgettable moments
from your El Gouna Day Trip to Luxor on your camera film.