Sempre Travel Egypt’s Mahmya Island snorkeling tour is one of our Hurghada day tours, including snorkeling at one of the Red Sea’s most beautiful coral reefs.

Mahmya Island snorkeling

Off the coast of Hurghada Excursions, our captain will take you to one of Egypt’s top snorkeling spots.

With the snorkeling cruises Hurghada to Mahmya Island.

Spend the afternoon on the sunny beach of Mahmya Island and mix snorkeling and relaxation into one tour.

The Red Sea is one of the top snorkeling destinations in the world for all newbies!

Find out about the itinerary

Our day excursion to Mahmya Island snorkeling begins with a pick-up from your Hurghada hotel at the agreed-upon hour.

Our Sempre Travel Egypt representative will take you to the boat pier, where the pleasant boat crew will greet you.

We begin our journey after a quick safety briefing on behavior onboard and in the water.

Mahmya Island snorkeling
Mahmya Island snorkeling

A trip starts in the Red Sea by boat

On the journey, you may unwind on the sun deck or sit on one of the boat’s shady corners.

Is our snorkeling excursion to Mahmya Island one of your first snorkeling trips?

Don’t be concerned! During the Hurghada boat tour to the snorkeling spot.

Our snorkel guide will assist you with a briefing and, if desired, will accompany you into the sea while snorkeling.

Meanwhile, our seasoned captain is experienced to a stunning coral reef.

Make a pit stop at one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots on the island

The Red Sea is regarded as having some of the most incredible snorkeling places in the world.

It gives the option to go snorkeling on a coral reef with a variety of colorful sea species.

Before returning to the boat, you will have plenty of time to explore the coral reef and its creatures.

Also, don’t forget to bring your camera.

While snorkeling in the Red Sea.

You’ll have the opportunity to take some of the most unbelievable underwater photographs.

We return to the boat after leaving the ocean and proceed to Mahmya Island snorkeling for a swim.

Get a freshly prepared meal is served

In the island restaurant, get a freshly prepared meal is served.

The second leg of our excursion begins after a relaxing lunch:

Hurghada’s Mahmya Island beach is a great place to unwind.

Sunbathers can give you a tan on the beach.

You can also relax in the shade or take a stroll along the long beach on Mahmya Island.

Of course, you may also go for a swim or snorkel along the beach.

Giftun Island is made up of several portions, including Mahmya Island.

The setting on the island, with its lovely beach and crystal blue sea, is ideal for taking holiday shots.

Back to the boat dock

We set off back to the boat dock after a quiet day on Mahmya Island.

Remember to keep your gaze fixed on the sea.

Dolphins and other curious creatures frequently accompany the boats.

The team is also on the lookout for them; let’s see who is the first to spot them!

At the end of the Mahmya Island snorkeling trip, Our agent will be waiting for you at the Hurghada dock to transport you back to your hotel.

Now that you have read all the previous lines, you will have discovered everything related to the trip.

And it’s time to hurry up and book the flight if you see it suitable for you.

If you wish to inquire about any other matter.

Then contact our company, Semper Travel Egypt, and one of our support team will assist you with everything you need to know indeed.