One of our El Gouna day trips is Egypt’s Snorkeling on Mahmya Island ​tour, which includes snorkeling at one of the Red Sea’s most spectacular coral reefs.

Snorkeling on Mahmya Island

Sempre Travel Egypt organizes a unique snorkeling tour to Mahmya Island.

Our skipper will take you to one of Egypt’s best snorkeling places off the coast of El Gouna Excursions.

With El Gouna to Mahmya Island snorkeling cruises.

Spend the afternoon on Mahmya Island’s sunny beach, combining snorkeling and leisure into one excursion.

For all newcomers, the Red Sea is one of the best snorkeling places in the world.

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The day begins with a pick-up from your El Gouna hotel at the agreed-upon time for our Snorkeling on Mahmya Island tour.

Our Sempre Travel Egypt agent will drive you to the boat port, where the friendly boat crew will greet you.

After a quick safety instruction on conduct onboard and in the water, we begin our voyage.

Snorkeling on Mahmya Island
Snorkeling on Mahmya Island

The tour begins on a boat in the Red Sea

You can relax on the sun deck or in one of the boat’s shadowy corners throughout the ride.

Is our Mahmya Island snorkeling tour one of your first snorkeling trips?

Don’t be alarmed! During a boat cruise to a snorkeling site in El Gouna.

Our snorkel guide will give you a briefing and, if preferred, accompany you into the water while you are snorkeling.

Visit one of the island’s most snorkeling locations

The Red Sea is known for having some of the best snorkeling spots on the planet.

It allows you to snorkel on a coral reef with a variety of beautiful water creatures.

You’ll have plenty of time to explore the coral reef and its inhabitants before returning to the boat.

Don’t forget to bring your camera as well.

In the Red Sea, while snorkeling.

You’ll get the chance to capture some of the most breathtaking underwater images.

After leaving the ocean, we return to the boat and head Snorkeling on Mahmya Island and swim.

Get a freshly prepared dinner delivered to your door

A fresh supper is provided in the island restaurant.

After a leisurely lunch, the second half of our vacation begins:

H’s Mahmya Island beach is a lovely spot to relax.

On the beach, sunbathers can give you a tan.

On Mahmya Island, you may also rest in the shade or take a stroll along the long beach.

You may, of course, go for a swim or snorkeling along the beach.

Giftun Island is dividing into numerous sections, one of which is Mahmya Island.

With its gorgeous beach and crystal blue water, the island’s environment is excellent for holiday photography.

Returning to the boat dock

After a peaceful day on Mahmya Island, we returned to the boat port.

Always keep your sight fixed on the water.

Dolphins and other curious animals regularly accompany the boats.

The crew is on the hunt for them; let’s see who can spot them first!

Our agent will be waiting for you at the El Gouna dock at the end of your Snorkeling on the Mahmya Island expedition to transfer you back to your hotel.

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