Take a trip from Cairo to Luxor to see the stunning Luxor sites and take advantage of this convenient transportation mode; if you want to know more about this trip, read this topic.

The stunning Luxor sites

Sempre Travel Egypt takes you to the most popular Luxor attractions and the stunning Luxor sites in small groups and without stress during your Cairo vacation.

Our trip has a distinct and different path; get to know it by looking at the following paragraphs.

You’re staying in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, and want to explore some of the magnificent Luxor attractions during your Cairo vacation?

Take a flight from Cairo to Luxor and visit the most renowned Luxor attractions in one day with Sempre Travel Egypt excursions and enjoy this relaxing method of traveling.

We pick you up from your Cairo hotel early in the morning and transport you to Cairo Airport.

From here, you’ll fly from Cairo to Luxor in comfort.

A professional Egyptologist will meet you in Luxor and take you to the first notable site include the stunning Luxor sites.

First destination: Karnak Temple

The spectacular Karnak Temple is one of the most significant temple complexes ever erected in human history, and it has several architectural marvels such as:

A Pillared Hall, the famed Hypostyle Hall, a 300-tonne Obelisk, and other lesser temples.

Our Egyptologist will describe the marvels of the Karnak Temple building.

As well as how the stones were transported from quarries in southern Egypt to Luxor through the Nile River.

Take a walk around the Karnak Temple complex and see the fantastic structures that depict Egyptian life during the Pharaohs’ reign.

We explore the outlying section of the temple complex before leaving the Karnak Temple.

You can observe the “Holy Lake,” used for ritual cleansing, and is still filled with water today.

From here, we go on to the second location on our Cairo excursions
day trip.

The very appealing Luxor West Bank, with its famed Sphinx.

What will we do in the second destination to the Valley of the Kings?

We pass the famed Memnon Colossi on our route to Valley of the Kings and stop for lunch at a nearby eatery.

Then we go to the Valley of the Kings to see three magnificent tombs included in the entrance fee.

The Valley of the Kings is a deep granite massif where graves were formerly hidden from grave robbers.

Unfortunately, aside from the famed Tutankhamun tomb.

The pharaohs’ efforts to preserve their tombs from discovery were fruitless.

Since grave robbers found many burials before scientists discovered them.

What awaits me at the top of the rock?

High in the rock, Hatshepsut Temple is an architecturally fascinating temple dedicated to Egypt’s sole female pharaoh.

For more than 22 years, Egypt was ruled by Queen Hatshepsut.

As soon as you arrive, the gorgeous terrace temple with its stairs leading up to the Hatshepsut Temple greets you in all its glory.

Because of the vista of the Nile Valley on one side and the protecting rock on the other.

Queen Hatshepsut chose this strategic location for her funerary temple.

As soon as you reach the upper terrace, you can take in the breathtaking view of Egypt’s lifeline, the Nile River.

Final destination: Luxor Temple

stunning Luxor sites
stunning Luxor sites

A processional walkway previously connected the Luxor Temple with the Karnak Temple.

After many years of repair effort, this walkway has now been restored.

We leave the Luxor Temple to transport back to Luxor Airport after a stroll through the gorgeous collonades to the Holy of Holies.

Our trip from Cairo to Luxor to the Most Famous stunning Luxor sites in 1 Day concludes with a flight back to Cairo and transport to your hotel in Egypt’s capital.