Cairo Pyramid Tours to the Dahshur Pyramid and the ancient Egyptian Pyramids in Memphis and Saqqara. It is a unique historical and cultural journey; learn more about it by looking at the following paragraphs.

Cairo Pyramid Tours

Memphis, Egypt’s ancient capital, is one of our most popular cultural from Cairo excursions, with its enormous necropolis Saqqara, the Pyramid of Djoser, and the Dahshur Pyramid.

Sempre Travel Egypt offers Cairo Pyramid Tours to the country’s earliest pyramids.

Find out more about the trip by seeing the following.

All about the trip

This trip is one of the essential Egypt excursions ever.

After breakfast, we pick you up from your Cairo hotel to take you on one of Sempre Travel Egypt’s most intriguing culture excursions.

Our Cairo pyramids trip to Egypt’s ancient pyramids.

Learn everything to know about the beginnings of the pyramids’ construction and accompany us on tour to Egypt.

The first Pyramid you will visit: Memphis

In ancient Egypt, this was the capital.

Memphis was home to many pharaohs for thousands of years.

And over 3.000 years, a magnificent necropolis with innumerable tunnels, mastabas, tombs, mortuary temples, and pyramids is constructing.

We see the city’s ruins before heading to the Saqqara necropolis to witness one of the world’s oldest pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Saqqara.

The step pyramid of Saqqara: It is our second destination

Pyramid of Djoser is another name for it, as Djoser built it.

The Saqqara step pyramid is just one of over 100 pyramids erecting outside Cairo, but scholars regard it as the forerunner of pyramid construction.

The step pyramid is located in the Saqqara necropolis’ north portion and comprises six tiers of varying sizes that form the distinctive step shape up to a height of 62 meters.

The Djoser step pyramid thinks to be the successor to a cemetery initially merely covered with a base plate.

As well as a stage in the construction of the Giza Pyramids.

Archaeologists all around the globe believe that the Saqqara necropolis still has a lot of hidden treasures.

And the quest for undiscovered graves is currently ongoing.

We leave the Saqqara necropolis behind us for approximately 7 kilometers after lunch, but where do we go then?!

Cairo Pyramid Tours: Last visit to Pyramid of Dahshur

On our trip to Cairo Pyramid Tours, the last visit is to the Pyramid of Dahshur.

The term “Dahshur Pyramid” is a misnomer because it should be “pyramids.”

At least 15 pyramids in the necropolis, with roughly 4 of the remaining standing and recognized.

What is Bent Pyramid?

The Bent Pyramid, one of Dahshur’s two major pyramids and Egypt’s largest Pyramid after Giza, is knowing as Dahshur Pyramid.

For fans of pyramid construction, Pharaoh Sneferu’s two pyramids are an authentic experience.

Even though thieves and the elements damaged parts of the pyramids.

Two of the Dahshur Pyramids are still simple to recreate.

The Bent Pyramid, which stands at 97 meters tall,  plan to become a “regular pyramid.”

After adjusting the number of degrees when building it.

It received its namesake from the angle of inclination halfway up.

The Bent Pyramid coats in gleaming Tura limestone, but the Material was stolen.

This is likewise the case with Sneferu’s second Pyramid, the Red Pyramid.

What is the Red Pyramid?

“The Red Pyramid.” Experts believe that this structure was built to replace the Bent Pyramid, which was mostly unsuccessful.

The 104-meter-high Pyramid’s original cover was also nearly totally taken.

The White Pyramid of Amenemhat III is another well-known pyramid.

What is the white Pyramid?

The “White Pyramid” has been so severely damaged that the original shape is no longer discernible.

However, the White Pyramid is noticeably smaller than Pharaoh Sneferu’s, with a base length of roughly 50 meters.

Overall, our Cairo Pyramid Tours to Egypt’s ancient Pyramids in:

Memphis-Saqqara-Dahshur is an unforgettable experience that should not be missing.

We depart the Dahshur Pyramid and return you to your Cairo lodging.