With Sempre Travel Egypt, you will see the Dendera Temple Complex and Abydos Temple, and you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest; learn more about the journey by looking at the following paragraphs.

Dendera Temple Complex

The Dendera Temple Complex and Abydos Temple – Visit two magnificent Egyptian temples on a Luxor day excursion.

Visit two well-preserved temples north of Luxor to make your stay more fascinating.

Learn more about the two trips, your visit to them, and Egypt excursions in general by reading the following.

What places will I visit on the trip in order?

After breakfast in your Luxor hotel:

We begin our Luxor day trip to The Dendera Temple Complex and Abydos Temple to our first sightseeing destination, the Dendera Temple Complex.

Dendera Temple Complex

What are our first destinations?

Indeed this question is the first question that will come to your mind.

The answer is:

Dendera Temple Complex is a complex of temples in Dendera, India.

Around 55 kilometers from the Upper Egyptian city of Qena is one of the most attractive Egyptian attractions.

Enjoy the travel to the Dendera Temple Complex, which houses the Temple of the Goddess Hathor, unlike any other temple in Egypt in terms of structure.

Because of its location on the Nile River’s arch, the Temple constructes north to south.

Other temples also constructe in a clockwise direction from east to west.

It is not discovering until the 19th century when it is buring behind a thicket of sand.

A well-kept temple with exquisite frescoes is discovering.

On this Luxor excursion, you will see one of the most recognized attractions in the Temple Complex.

A well-kept temple with exquisite frescoes is discovering.

On our Luxor day trip, we will see the world-renowned , which includes one of the most recognized attractions in this place.

Second visit place: Zodiac sign of Dendera

It may be seen on a chapel’s dome in the Dendera Temple Complex.

It’s apparent from this that the high priests were already well-versed in astrology.

Since 1821, the original Dendera Zodiac, dedicated to Osiris, has been housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The Dendera Zodiac signs’ circular design is unusual among Egyptian astrological representations.

Others uncovered had a rectangular form to them.

Not only will you find images based on the Greco-Roman style in the Dendera Zodiac, but you will also find Egyptian figures on the stunning plate.

We make our way to the next TempleTemple on our Luxor excursions day trip, undoubtedly amazed by the magnificently preserved wall paintings of the Hathor Temple in Dendera.

All about our final destination to the TempleTemple of Abydos

The Abydos Temple, also known as the Abydos Temple Ramses II.

It is located near Souhag in today’s El Bayana, around 160 kilometers from Luxor.

Abydos Temple Ramses II served coronations, festivals, and processions.

Restored to the original floor plan, its stonework provides a great perspective of the temple complex’s previous original condition.

The Abydos Temple erect as a funerary temple for Seti I’s father, Ramses I.

The temple complex built by Ramses II is finishing.

There are also similarities between its structure and that of the Hatshepsut temple, built across multiple terraces.

On the uppermost level of the Abydos Temple, the central shrine of the deity Osiris is also placed.

We leave Abydos behind and return to your Luxor lodging after taking some time to view the world-famous Abydos king list.

After you know all the details of the trip, you should hurry now and make a reservation to enjoy visiting everything we mentioned to you in the previous paragraphs.