Sempre Travel Egypt offers a Dolphin House Snorkeling trip, which is a popular El Gouna snorkeling tour. Look through this thread to learn everything there is to know about this trip.

Dolphin House Snorkeling

Visit El Gouna for a holiday to observe dolphins in their native habitat, the Red Sea.

The Dolphin House Snorkeling allows you to swim and observe dolphins in the wild while exploring two gorgeous coral reefs in the Red Sea.

You must understand that this excursion is one of the most excellent and most fun El Gouna Excursions ever.

What will you do on the journey?

This round is one of the best trips ever.

Learn about the trip system by looking at the next lines:

Dolphin House Snorkeling
Dolphin House Snorkeling

El Gouna snorkeling is only the beginning

Our El Gouna Dolphin House snorkeling tour to the dolphins’ habitat starts with a prompt pick-up from your accommodation in El-Gouna.

After that, it’ll be on to the Red Sea trip.

How will a boat excursion across the Red Sea go?

The friendly boat crew welcomes you at Hurghada jetty and provides you with fast safety advice about behaving on board and at sea.

We’ll gladly lend you snorkeling equipment if you don’t have it.

Our snorkeling guide is available at all times to answer any queries you may have.

Meanwhile, our boat trip to the first snorkeling location on our tour begins.

A site where dolphins exist is one of the top snorkeling spots in the Red Sea Dolphin House.

The Best Snorkeling Spots in the Red Sea – 2 Snorkeling Spots

Our professional boat driver approaches the first of two snorkeling sites, home to the El-Gouna Dolphins.

Depending on the season and weather, the dolphins stay in Hurghada’s coastal region.

They’re looking for food and shelter along the Red Sea coral reef.

We’re hoping to see them on our snorkeling trips.

Is your snorkeling equipment an excellent match for you?

Let’s get into the ocean right now!

Egypt’s the Red Sea is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations globally, thanks to its world-famous diving and snorkeling spots.

Coral reefs with a wide variety of species provide a beautiful backdrop.

While exploring the fascinating Red Sea underwater habitat, you’ll find yourself losing track of time.

Relax on the sun deck until lunchtime, when the ship’s excellent buffet is provided.

On the boat, it’s buffet time

The boat crew prepared it for you right on the spot.

We proceed to the second snorkeling area after lunch.

Dolphins are known to follow boats, so keep your eyes on the deck.

After arriving at Dolphin House, the last of our two snorkeling spots, You’ll get the chance to see dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphins are cheerful tiny animals who live in groups.

Please maintain a safe distance from them and treat them with respect!

At our second snorkeling stop, which is one of numerous Red Sea coral reefs.

You’ll have plenty of time to explore the coral reef and all of its species.

If you have an underwater camera, bring some images of the fantastic coral reef habitat home.

On the sun deck .. Sunbathing

You may take advantage of the return trip to Hurghada jetty by relaxing on the sun deck.

After spending time at two snorkeling spots in the El Gouna Dolphin House area, share your experiences with the others.

After our Dolphin House Snorkeling, our Sempre Travel Egypt personnel will transport you to your hotel.

Best wishes for the rest of your vacation in El Gouna on this trip.