Visit 3 of the most famous Cairo sights Egypt’s capital, on one of our Luxor Tours. Learn more about the trip by reading this thread.

The most famous Cairo sights

Sempre Travel Egypt will take you to the Giza Pyramids on the famed Giza Plateau, the Cairo Museum, and Khan el-Khalili, the Arab World’s largest bazaar.

Enjoy our Luxor excursionstrips by aircraft to Cairo, which combine three of the most renowned Luxor attractions with three of the most famous Cairo sights.

What is the program of this historical trip?

We have to wake you very early in the morning for our Luxor to Cairo trips.

We pick you up from your Luxor hotel and drive you to the airport to catch a flight to Cairo, Egypt’s capital.

Relax and take in the scenery from above throughout your journey.

After arriving in Cairo, we make our way to the first Cairo site, the iconic Pyramids of Giza.

The best thing to do at the Pyramids of Giza

We visit the Pyramids of Giza, which are located on the outskirts of Cairo and are an attraction for many travelers to Egypt.

The Giza Plateau is home to the Cheops Pyramid, the middle Chephren Pyramid, and the Pyramid of Mykerinos, the smallest of Giza’s three pyramids.

The protector of the Valley Temple of Khafre, alongside the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Standing at the foot of the Pyramid, you’ll be amazed at how the Egyptians created unique works of art over 4.000 years ago.

Our Egyptologist will go into the history of the pyramids and their forerunners.

Before continuing our itinerary and seeing one of the most educational venues about Ancient Egypt.

At the Egyptian Museum, we stop for lunch in a classic Cairo restaurant.

What will I discover when I visit the Egyptian Museum?

Coming from Luxor, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo has a lot of things you could have missed when seeing the tombs on the West Bank of Luxor.

It’s possible that visiting the Cairo Egyptian Museum will overwhelm you.

Thousands of objects discovered in Egypt’s excavations are housed in this museum.

The Tutankhamun tomb contains some of the most renowned artifacts.

His burial items’ filigree gold work is a testament to Ancient Egypt’s unique goldsmithing ability.

Before we travel to the end of our Luxor trip, the world-famous Luxor Temple.

Let yourself be taken away by the range of perceptions into Egypt’s past.

Buy what you want in one of the biggest markets in the east

The most famous Cairo sights
The most famous Cairo sights

Our trip should not be dedicated to visiting the most famous Cairo sights, nor heading to Khan El Khalili.

We hope to charm you with its exotic flare by taking you to the Khan el-Khalili market.

The bazaar, one of the largest in the Orient.

It has everything you could want, from eastern artistry to a great assortment of spices, teas, and essential oils.

Did you know that Egypt excursions is a primary provider of essential oils?

Or Did you know about natural oils from some of the world’s most well-known perfume companies?

Join us for a stroll through Khan al-Khalili’s and be inspired by one of the city’s many exquisite souvenirs.

Our Luxor tours of the most famous Cairo sights renowned landmarks come close, and we also depart Cairo for the airport to catch our trip back to Luxor.


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