On your Cairo vacation, visit Pharaoh Village Egypt and Al Azhar Park – Get this wonderful trip now through our company Semper Travel Egypt.

Al Azhar Park trip

On our Pharaoh Village Egypt and Al Azhar Park on your Cairo holidays trip with Sempre Travel Egypt.

We will stop at Azhar Park, the “green lungs of Cairo.”

From here, we travel to the Pharaoh Village Egypt, which depicts life during the time of the pharaohs.

This trip is essential when mentioning Egypt excursions for sure.

So we will tell you more details about it and its program with us.

Itinerary with Semper Travel Egypt

We will start the Cairo excursions plan for this trip by visiting the following places in order:

The first place we will visit is: Egypt’s Pharaoh Village

We start our tour Pharaoh Village Egypt and Al Azhar Park directly from your Cairo hotel for the travel to the Nile Banks with your tour guide.

Second area: A trip on the Boat

A speedboat will be waiting for you at the Cairo promenade to take you across the Nile River to the West Bank’s Pharaohs Village Egypt.

Now it’s time for a walking tour of the village

Pyramids and Sphinx, Mummification and Medicine, Art and Religion, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Coptic and Islamic, a boat exhibit, and a papyrus exhibition.

All these are among the exhibits in the Pharaoh Village Egypt in Cairo.

Upon entering the village:

You will be greeted by performers dressed in period costumes who will represent daily life in ancient Egypt as realistically as possible.

A stroll through the village transports you to another era! At the same time.

The appearance of the old Pharaoh’s houses that you see from time to time will impress you.

Don’t forget to gaze over the shoulders of the “inhabitants” while they create papyrus.

Tutankhamen’s riches replica

There are numerous museums in the hamlet, one of which houses a replica of Tutankhamun’s riches.

The itinerary includes Amusement Park “Tut Land”

For families with children, our excursion to Al Azhar Park and Pharaohs Village Egypt in Cairo is ideal.

The amusement park “Tut Land” and the “Art Center” are two of the attractions in Pharaos Village Egypt.

Children can learn more about pottery:

  • How to paint on papyrus
  • How to make papyrus boats
  • Sculpture
  • Accessory manufacturing here

Another perfect destination for Bird exhibition

A large number of birds, including the great egret, rock dove Columba, seagull, barn swallow, wagtail, white-throated kingfisher, Ceryle rudis, bluethroat Luscinia, and others, can be found in the village.

Following our tour to Egypt’s Pharaoh Village, we travel to the stunning.

The most important destination: Azhar Park

Al Azhar Park is a park in Cairo, Egypt.

It, now one of Cairo’s most beautiful places to relax.

It was once a communal garbage dump for a long time (roughly 500 years).

And it was only converted into one of the world’s 60 largest parks in 1984 with a population of around 33 million people thanks to the Aga Khan.

And the Trust for Culture. This is how Cairo’s so-called “green lung” came to be.

An Ayyubid city wall dating from the reign of Saladin in the 12th century was uncovered.

As 80.000 truckloads of rubble were being removed for the building of Al Azhar Park in Cairo.

Cairo people spend their leisure time at Azhar Park, dining in one of the restaurants or sipping traditional coffee.

As a respite from the pace and bustle of the city.

Enjoy the view from this lovely park on a hill in Cairo (Mokattam Mountain).

And don’t forget to snap a few shots of the city, the Citadel, and the Alabaster Mosque.

Our Cairo tour to Azhar Park and Pharaoh Village Egypt, and we return you to your Cairo lodging.