hurghada tours

There are many options for diving in the Red Sea, including reefs and active activities. If you’re an experienced diver, you might even want to check out the shipwrecks in Hurghada. This strategic location makes for an abundance of shipwrecks. Try diving the Thistlegorm Shipwreck, which was sunk during World War II. Alternatively, you could take a Nile cruise or snorkel in the Red Sea.

astronomy tour

If you’ve ever wished to gaze at the stars, an Astronomy tour in Hurghada is the perfect activity. Located on a desert near the Red Sea resort, this area offers clear skies most of the year. It’s also a great getaway from the city lights and pollution. Take advantage of the clear skies to see the Milky Way and other heavenly bodies. In addition to stargazing, Hurghada’s many activities include desert excursions and Bedouin barbeques.

Nile cruise

There are countless ways to enjoy the waters of the Nile River. If you are an avid fisherman, you can experience the thrill of catching a big catch while cruising the Nile. Fishing trips in Hurghada provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy the river and the surrounding areas. Fishing tours will provide expert fishing guides, as well as equipment to make the fishing experience as thrilling as possible.

Luxor dusty tombs

Many tourists combine the ancient city of Luxor with a trip to Hurghada. A typical tour of Hurghada involves three days on the beach, followed by a private minibus ride to Cairo and sightseeing in the capital. If you’d prefer a more relaxing experience, you can upgrade your Hurghada tour to include a stay in a luxury hotel or at a different resort. The three-day tour includes sightseeing in Cairo, a chance to relax on the beach, and plenty of opportunities to engage in adventurous activities.

Red Sea snorkeling

There are a variety of snorkeling experiences in the Red Sea, and a Hurghada tour is the perfect way to experience them. You can explore a variety of reef sites, including submerged pinnacles, near shore sites, and far-off dive sites. If you don’t want to swim, there are plenty of quiet bays where you can relax. You’ll get to see all sorts of wildlife, and learn about the ancient Egyptian culture while snorkeling.

Cairo Islamic marvels

Islam is alive and well in Cairo, and the city’s monuments, mosques, madrassas, and tombs are a must-see. In the city’s old district, Al Qahira, you can find mausoleums, mosques, and madrassas from the 13th century, including the stunning Sultan Hassan mosque. During the early Mamluk period, Cairo’s rulers changed the religion and implemented sharia laws to combat the invading Turks. These monuments were built by Mamluks, and they trace the rise and fall of the Mamluks.


If you are planning a vacation to Egypt, you might want to consider booking Hurghada tours beaches. This Egyptian coastal resort town is situated between the Red Sea and the Sahara Desert. It is a true aquatic paradise, with historic districts, traditional markets, and a famous diving centre. Visitors can also enjoy desert safaris and other water sports. There are three main areas in Hurghada: the Old Town, the Post Office, and El Dahar. The Old Town contains the main bazaar and the long-distance bus station.