Is it safe Egypt after the political events that took place after the Egyptian Revolution?
In January 2011, Egypt went through a political revolution that seriously affected tourism in the country. By the end of April 2011, the US Department of State had downgraded its “travel warning” to a “travel alert” and most of the tourist destinations within Egypt are again considered safe to visit. As is often the case, most of the violent action takes place in the cities, and Egypt’s capital Cairo was no exception in January 2011. But it’s hard to avoid Cairo when you visit Egypt. Many of Egypt’s top attractions lie to the south and along the banks of the Nile between Aswan and Luxor, and are likely to remain peaceful as they largely were during the height of the revolution. For those heading for a beach holiday along the Red Sea coast, again, this area was not heavily affected by the political events, and is considered safe for tourists to return to. Independent travelers have no problem getting around either by bus or train throughout the country. Most people visit Egypt on a tour, or package holiday. If you ask these questions to any person working in the Egyptian tourism or any Egyptians they would confirm that the tourists are completely safe in Egypt. Everyone must know that whatever happens in Tahrir Square, the rest of Cairo and– most of all– the rest of Egypt is perfectly safe. all historical sites and museums are operating with regular working hours, and all roads and transportation means are perfectly secured. In fact all these answers are concretely true.
How do I get my tourist visa?
It is obligatory for non-Egyptian visitors to have a valid passport at least 6 months after their arrival and all international tourists who wish to visit Egypt require a visa. You can apply for your pre-entry tourist visa at any Egyptian embassy or consulate around the world.Egypt has 3 types of visa-Entry visa valid for 1 month and is required for any foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, e.g. work, study, etc. The possession of a valid Entry Visa is needed to-Transit visa given to any non-Egyptian visitors entering Egypt for transit reasons-Tourist visa valid up to 3 monthsVisitors entering Egypt at the overland border post to taba to visit Gulf of Aqaba coast and St Catharine can be exempted from visa and granted a free residence permit for fourteen days to visit the area.People from Japan, Hong Kong, North America, Croatia, Kanada, Australia, Norway, Newzealand, Gorgia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia can get their tourist visa upon arrival in Egypt.Citizens of the following countries should have a pre-arrival visa:Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chechnya, Croatia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Lebanon, Macao, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, The Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sri-Lanka, Tadzhikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and All African countries except south Africa.
How do I apply for a visa to enter Egypt if I live away from the country of my nationality?
When the visitor holds a residence permit in the country where he/she is living, He/She can apply to the Egyptian embassy or consulate general in the country or buy a visa upon arrival in Egypt. Otherwise they should apply to the country that issued their passport
Can my tourist visa be extended to more than 1 month?
You can extend your tourist visa to more than one month if it is required but in this case you have to apply to Mogamma building in Tahrir Square or to the equivalent governmental offices in other famous cities like Alexandria or Luxor.
I am staying in a resort in Sinai; can I visit Cairo or Luxor?
Yes you can visit Luxor or Cairo or any place in Egypt but a tourist visa is required
If I am going to visit Jordan or Israel, will I require a visa when coming back to Egypt?
Yes, whenever you will leave Egypt to another country, your visa will be stamped and a new one is required when you will re-enter the country
What is the check-in and check-out time in the hotels in Egypt?
In most hotels in Egypt Guest check-in time is between 12:00-13:00 p.m. If rooms are requested prior to check-in time, early arrivals will be accommodated, as rooms become available. Check-out time is 12:00 a.m. The hotel Bell Staff can store luggage on a complimentary basis for those guests who have checked out, but are not yet departing the hotel. Late check-out options are available upon request based upon availability
What’s the difference between B/B, H/B, FULL BOARD AND ALL INCLUSIVE?
Bed and Breakfast means only breakfast is suppliedHalf board means only breakfast and dinner are suppliedFull board means the three meals are supplied (Breakfast-Lunch and Dinner)All-inclusive means all meals and drinks are supplied and in some hotel alcohol is supplied also
Is there a secure location in the hotel where I can store my valuables?
95% of the Egyptian hotels and Nile Cruises have safety boxes, sometimes in the reception or even in the rooms of the guests. You need to ask the reception and they will inform you where and how to use the safety box.
What languages are spoken in Egypt?
The official language of Egypt is Standard Arabic and is used in most written media. English and French are also widely spoken and used in business circles. . As a visitor, you can expect to encounter minimal problems communicating in English, as most taxi drivers, salespeople, tourism industry employees and police speak good English. Also, all official signs and public transport announcements, as well as most menus, are in both English and Arabic.
Do I have to learn some Arabic words to have an easy trip?
Arabic is the language mostly used in the Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Palestine but if you are traveling to one of these countries you do not need to learn Arabic as English language is widely used. If you like to make your trip funnier or enjoy making conversation with some Arabic people, you can learn some of the basic Arabic words and phrases.
What is the official currency in Egypt?
Egyptian currency is known as Genieh or L.E or Pound, subdivided into 100 piasters (PT). Notes are in denominations of E£100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, 50 piasters and 25 piasters. Coins are in denominations of 20, 10 and 5 piasters. Since 2007, there have been 200 Pound notes circulating in Egypt. What ‘s good is each note is written in two languages, Arabic and English
Will I be able to exchange dollars, Euros, or other currencies in Egypt?
Currency exchange is available at banks, official bureau de change and most hotels. Banks often have better exchange rates than bureaux de change or hotels. All common international currencies are accepted. There are ATMs in Cairo and other major cities in Egypt that accept any hard currency credit cards
Will I be able to use my credit cards in Egypt?
In Cairo and other major cities in Egypt credit cards are widely used. In hotels, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, supermarkets and Luxor and Aswan tourist markets they accept credit cards. The most common types of credit cards used in Egypt are American express, visa and Mastercard but we advise you to carry cash when you are shopping in the street markets.
Can I bring a personal supply of cigarettes and alcohol with me when I am visiting Egypt?
You can bring Alcohol but only up to 2 liters with you and 200 cigarettes.
What happens if I didn’t purchase my alcohol and cigarettes upon arrival, will I have the chance to buy them elsewhere in Egypt?
You have the opportunity to purchase your own supply of Alcohol and Cigarettes upon arrival. There are duty free shops in almost all Egyptian cities, Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El sheikh, Alexandria, Luxor and El Gouna from which tourists can buy these staff within 48 hours after arrival.
What are the opening hours for monuments in Egypt?
It is not the same everywhere. In general, most of the sightseeing open from 09:00 am till 16:00pm with some exception likeValley of the Kings 07:00amPyramids area 08:00 amEdfu temple and Kom Ombo temple 22:00 pm because of the Nile cruises programs
What are the opening hours for shops and different stores in Egypt?
Opening hours vary from business to business, but here’s a rough guideMost offices will open from 9am to 6pm or longer from Saturday to Thursday, depending on the type of business.Major Banks open from 9am to 2:00pm.Restaurants tend to stay open until around 12pm, while bars and clubs will close during the daytime, with plenty of them operating all night, particularly in popular nightlife hubs
Is it allowed for non-Muslims to enter historical mosques in Egypt?
Non-Catholics can enter the Vatican and non-Christians are welcomed at churches around the world. While not all the holy mosques of Egypt are off-limits to non-Muslims. All the historical mosques are open for the visit of Muslims/non-Muslims alike like Mohamed Ali Mosque within the Citadel, Amr Ibn El Ass mosque, Ibn Tulun mosque, El Refae mosque, madrassa of Sultan Hassan and Al Azhar mosque. However, there are protocols which must be followed. Always remember a mosque is a place of prayer and worship for Muslims. It is not a museum.
How should I dress when entering a mosque?
You have to know that visiting a mosque is allowed only between prayers and for Non-Muslims are still required to dress conservatively .it is necessary for visitors to wear long dress and not to wear any form of shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, etc. on., as this is very disrespectful. Always take them off before entering as they carry the dirt from the street, and the mosque (a place of prayer) should be clean. However, you can keep socks on. Women must be covered. No load voice is allowed inside the mosque as its not allowed to interrupt praying Muslims specially by taking photos for them.
What are the most important historical mosques and churches in Cairo?
The Alabaster mosque or Mohamed Ali mosque within Citadel, Al Nasser Mohamed ibn Qalaoon mosque within Citadel, El Rifae Mosque and Sultan Hassan mosque near Citadel, Amr Ibn El Aas mosque in old Cairo, Al Azhar mosque, Ibn Tulun mosque, the hanging church, saint Barbara church, saints Sergius and Bacchus church, saint Mary church.
How should I dress when entering a church?
Respect is the key. The saying is ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and it applies to everywhere you travel. This is particularly applicable to Egypt. Women will be treated as ‘Queens of the Nile’ if they dress suitably. Please. no strappy tight fitting or low neck tops. no short shorts. Please be respectful of Egyptian customs and enjoy the benefits of the additional respect. From the above you have to know that it is important to dress modestly when away from hotels and resorts and particularly when visiting a mosque or church.
What clothes should I wear when visiting sites?
Here we have to make different between two kids of sites, religious sites and sightseeing and put in your mind it’s not the time to make a fashion statement.-if you are visiting a religious building, dress correctly and women must be cover their shoulders, legs and heads-if you are visiting a sightseeing, wear light cotton clothes, a hat, sunglasses and sun cream, to make the weather conditions bearable
Can I take pictures while visiting the monuments in Egypt?
The answer is between yes and no. in most of the sightseeing it is allowed to take photos and make your trip memorable but there are other places in which you cannot take even your camera with you for example Egyptian Museum, Valley of the kings, inside any of the Pyramid, inside the tombs in Sakkara, tombs of noblemen in Luxor, valley of the queens in Luxor.
Can I take photographs of the people, streets, etc. in Egypt?
Always remember that you are in Islamic country and sometimes it’s not nice to take photos without permission specially for women. But there are some areas where is totally forbidden to take photos like army bases, airports, dams, bridges, and in metro.
Can I go inside one of the pyramids?
Yes, concerning the great Pyramid, there are daily like 200 tickets, 100 in the early morning and 100 afternoons. Whenever you catch a ticket, you can easily go inside the Khufu pyramid. The government open one of the other two pyramids and you can go in to the available one.
Are there any health issues that I should worry about in Egypt?
The risks to health whilst travelling will vary between individuals and many issues need to be taken into account, e.g. activities abroad, length of stay and general health of the traveler. It is recommended that you consult with your General Practitioner or Practice Nurse 6-8 weeks in advance of travel. They will assess your particular health risks before recommending vaccines and /or antimalarial tablets
Are there certain vaccinations to be taken before traveling to Egypt?
Following an increase in cases of Hepatitis A infections in travelers returning from Egypt, pre-travel Hepatitis A vaccine is now recommended for all travelers.No special immunizations are required; however, it would be wise to check beforehand if you are traveling from a health-risk area. Tetanus inoculations are usually recommended if you are considering a long trip. Polio has been virtually eradicated in Egypt and hepatitis is very rare and can be avoided by taking precautions. Hepatitis A is transmitted by contaminated food and water, Hepatitis B, C, D through sexual contact, the use of unsterilized needles and blood transfusions.
Can I bring prescribed medication with me?
You can bring a supply of any medicine you are taking back home but also do not forget to bring the prescription with you.be sure that if you have any serious trouble, in almost all the hotels in Egypt and Nile cruises boat , the staff can easily provide a doctor for you.
Is it saved to drink water in Egypt?
When you are in Egypt, please do not drink tap water not because it is dangerous or polluted but it is highly chlorinated and for those who did not use to drink it tastes fool and can make stomach problems for you. You can use the tap water to clean your teeth with no problem. Put in your mind that if you are going to all-inclusive hotel, they supply endless bottles of water from the restaurant or from the bar or in the mini-bar in the room.
Do I need to take anti-malaria?
Malaria tablets are not recommended for travelers to Egypt due to the extremely low risk of malaria and this advice remains unchanged. Egypt had eliminated malaria, and until now, the last locally transmitted case was in 1998.
Will it be easy for me to find transportation from the Cairo Airport to other destinations in the city?
Cairo International Airport is located 22km (13.5 miles) northeast of Cairo in Heliopolis and it is considered One of Africa’s busiest airports, Cairo International Airport is the main air transport hub for Egypt’s capital city. As it is known that the public transportation system does not have the capacity to meet the transportation needs of the city’s millions of residents. So if you like to get from Cairo airport to the city center you will have many options-Shuttle bus connect the airport with Cairo center and it operates at half-hourly intervals and it is recommended to reserve in advance.-Black and white taxis just in front of the terminals and these kind of taxis do not have a meter and prices are negotiated before travelling.-White taxis are new with air-condition and meter but they are bit expensive-Limousines is one of the several ways how to leave Cairo airport upon arrival. Prices are fixed depending on the destination and car category.– bus station is located in the parking area in front of terminal one
Where is the main bus depot in Cairo?
We have the bus stations in Cairo in more than one place for example in Tahir square, Madinet Nasser, and Ahmed Helmy. From there you can go to anywhere in Egypt.
Where do I get the bus in Hurghada?
It depends on which company you are traveling to. Gobos from go bus station and it is known to all taxi drivers and minibuses or HI jet from Aka square near Sakalla square or west Delta from Dahar bus station.
Where do I get the bus in Sharm el sheikh?
The main bus station is located in Rowaysat and it is the departure for East Delta bus company, super Jet and El Gouna Bus Company.
Where do I get the bus in Luxor?
The bus station used to be somewhere behind Luxor temple. Now the bus station is located a one-minute walk away from the railway station. Exit the railway station and turn left.
How do I get from Hurghada to Aswan?
The easiest, fastest and safest is to go from Hurghada to Luxor by bus then from Luxor to Aswan by train.
How can I get tickets for the sleeper train?
You can have your ticket through online reservation at http://e7gezly.com/sleepingtrains or you can contact them on their numbers +202 374 894 88 or +202 374 893 88 or fax them on +202 374 896 80, they will give you booking reference and at least 24 hours before you can pay and get the ticket at the station
Is it a common practice to give tips in Egypt?
To tip or not to tip Little Things Can Make a Big DifferenceOne of the more stressful things about travel — after flying, of course — can often be insecurity about tipping. Whom should you tip? How much? Do you need to tip at all? As it is known Tipping is widely practiced around the world. Even here but there is no official tipping policy in Egypt. Never ever feel obligated to give anyone a tip who has not provided you a service. Tips here are as a personal appreciation, so usually it is left to your own gesture to thank someone who offered you a nice service in a hotel or restaurant, tours and so on
What voltage does Egypt have and what kind of plugs?
Egypt has a voltage supply of 220 v and the plugs are the two round pin type. Visitors should bring international adapter for any electrical appliances they have
What is the legal drinking age in Egypt?
The legal drinking age in Egypt is 21
Who do I contact in case of emergency?
Upon your arrival to one of Egypt’s airport and after you will be greeted and welcomed by our staff and on the way to your hotel, our representative will give you papers with all useful information about Egypt and the contact numbers and phone line from which you will keep all the stay and from which you can call us day and night
What is the time zone? What type of electrical current is used?
Egypt Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2)
What is the standard voltage usage in Egypt?
The standard electricity voltage in Egypt is 220 Volts, 50Hz. Sockets are of the European, (2-prong variety (2 pins plug). Of travelling from US, Canada or other countries where the typical voltage is 110 you will need to bring a power adapter. From countries where the typical voltage is 220/240 you will simply need to bring an international travel adapter plug
Is local transport easy to use?
Egypt is the most traveler friendly country in North Africa and in the Middle East. Most of the tourist’s spots are well connected by cheap buses, and many are also linked by trains and planes. But Egypt Public transportation is not that clean, or fast or safe and most of the time are overcrowded. There are many other modes of transport that can help to promote equality of access and opportunity, which must also be considered. Rail is an obvious example as it can be used for both local journeys and journeys further.
Can I get a local mobile phone number during my visit?
Yes. You can buy Mobile Data Prepaid SIM Card from major convenient stores at the airport or in town.
Where can I get Internet access in Egypt?
Free WI FI service is available at some government buildings. You can access the Internet for free at many coffee shops in town, in your hotel. Most hotels offer broadband Internet access; however, this may involve a charge in some cases.
Will my mobile phone work in Egypt?
Most of the world’s mobile telecommunications systems operate in Egypt