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For two millennia, the Great Pyramids of Giza have drawn travellers to Egypt. And even today, many people on Egypt tours return to see these iconic, ancient wonders. Other sights to see in Egypt include the Pharaonic temples along the Nile and the Valley of the Kings, which contains the largest open-air museum in the world. And of course, a tour to Luxor is not complete without a stop in the ancient city of Memphis.

Travel Talk

For your vacation in Egypt, consider taking a tour with Travel Talk. They provide detailed budgets for each of their tours, including the cost of entrance fees, lunches, and optional activities. You should also budget for the cost of your own transportation, food, and drinks. You can book a tour with Travel Talk using this link. Alternatively, you can ask fellow travellers or the Travel Talk tour staff for recommendations. The tour costs from AU$ 748 to PS160.

Look at Egypt Tours

With years of experience as an operator of tourist facilities in Egypt, Look at Egypt Tours has organized some of the most innovative travel packages in the country. Their experienced tour guides offer a wealth of local knowledge and provide an authentic insight into the country. Their tours are tailor-made to suit every type of traveler, from first-time tourists to seasoned travelers. Their tours include a diverse selection of activities that cater to every taste and budget.

Memphis Tours

For travelers who wish to visit the ancient Egyptian city, Memphis Tours in Egypt is a must. The city ruled before Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The first empire to rule the earth was founded by Menes in 2925 B.C. You can still see scattered ruins of stone temples, statues, and mud-brick necropolises in this ancient city. There is also the Temple of Ptah, which was guarded by a giant alabaster sphinx.

Viking River Cruises

On January 26, the Viking Osiris touched the water for the first time at the Massara shipyard in Cairo. This was a significant milestone in the ship’s construction, which will continue in the coming months. The ship will be moved to another dock to complete its interior before joining the other two ships this year. Next year, the Viking Aton and Viking Ra will make their debut on Egyptian river cruises. The cruise company’s program directors are constantly reminding their guests to leave extra money for the various people they meet while they are on a river cruise.


OAT Egypt tours focus on cultural immersion and personal connection. You can dine with local families and visit small villages. You can even learn a new craft. This type of tour is tailor-made to your interests and level of travel, making it truly unique. The tours also include a hands-on aspect, such as cooking classes or crafts. You can learn more about each destination on OAT Egypt tours. Weigh the pros and cons of each itinerary to decide which one is right for you.

OAT Nile Cruises

OAT Nile Cruises Egypt tours allow you to experience the beauty and culture of the country at a relaxed pace. A seven-night round trip offers you the opportunity to visit ancient temples and tombs while enjoying a leisurely pace. Guided tours of the tombs and temples take place in the mornings. Ancient Egyptians built tombs and temples along the eastern bank of the Nile and on the western bank.