Giftun Island snorkeling trip is more enjoyable for us. With Sempre Travel Egypt, take advantage of your stay in El-Gouna to explore the Red Sea’s fascinating underwater environment.

Giftun Island snorkeling trip

On two of the Red Sea’s most beautiful coral reefs, we’ll take you to the most stunning snorkeling spots.

Also included is a stay on Giftun Island’s beautiful beach.

Giftun Island snorkeling trip excursion is one of the most popular El Gouna excursions ever.

As a result, Semper Travel Egypt has worked hard to exhibit and organize everything in a spectacular manner to please all of our clients.

What is the Tour’s itinerary?

Giftun Island snorkeling trip departs from your accommodation in El-Gouna’s seaside resort at the agreed-upon hour.

This is followed by a drive to Hurghada Jetty, where the crew of a modern boat will be waiting for you.

During our voyage to the first of two snorkeling spots.

You will receive a quick safety briefing on how to behave on board and in the water.

Is this your first snorkeling experience?

Please do not hesitate to call our snorkel guide at any time; he will be pleased to assist you.

Giftun Island snorkeling trip
Giftun Island snorkeling trip

Begin by snorkeling

Two of the best snorkeling spots in the Red Sea are listed here.

To go to the best snorkeling places in the Red Sea, You’ll need a captain boat skipper.

Our captain will drive you to the Red Sea’s first snorkeling region, where you’ll have lots of possibilities to see a diversity of marine life among the bright coral.

Prepare your camera to capture some of the 1,500 different fish species found in the Red Sea.

We get back on the boat and continue our voyage to the second snorkeling spot in the Red Sea.

Let’s have a look at the Red Sea snorkeling spot

The snorkeling site reef differs from the previous one.

Because of the different currents and depths in the Red Sea, a wide variety of coral species and marine life form on the reef.

Clownfish, Porcupinefish, and Parrotfish are some of the top-level reef species in the Red Sea.

Further down, small reef sharks and blue-spotted rays can be observed resting on the bottom.

Snorkeling is a great way to have adventure!

While you were out on the water, the crew prepared a lunch buffet aboard the boat.

On the boat, there is a buffet meal

Take your time to appreciate the different flavors of the freshly prepared lunch buffet as we softly approach Giftun Island.

Make use of the sundeck’s relaxation opportunities.

Double about sundeck

Before heading to Giftun Island for snorkeling, we’ll have lunch.

Relaxing on the beach – soak up the rays and talk about your snorkeling adventures.

Finally, on Giftun Island, unwinding on the beach

Spending a day on Giftun Island relaxing on the beach is just one way to spend an afternoon on the Red Sea island.

Have you exhausted your snorkeling options?

Let’s get this party started!

Giftun Island is encircled by a slew of coral reefs that may be visited immediately from the beach.

Take in the tranquility of the island before departing for the Hurghada Jetty shortly before sunset.

Our El-Gouna Giftun Island snorkeling trip excursion ends with transportation back to your El-Gouna hotel.

As a result, we’ve provided you with all of the pertinent information on this trip.

However, before finalizing the reservation, you may enquire about any other aspect of the trip.

You don’t have to be concerned; contact us, and a member of our support team will promptly list you and answer any questions you may have.

Our journey is available at an unbelievable cost.