Hurghada Orange Bay trip Snorkeling in the “Maldives of Egypt. The name comes because it is the island’s most magnificent beach in the Red Sea, just 40 minutes by boat from the Hurghada shore. Learn more about the trip and the places to visit by looking at this topic.

Hurghada Orange Bay trip

Hurghada Orange Bay trip is one of the best trips you can ever experience with Hurghada excursions.

It is located in Giftun National Park, provides food and refuge for a variety of fish species on the lagoon’s vibrant coral reef.

On our boat trip to Orange Bay snorkeling and Orange Bay beach.

On tour for “young and elderly,” you will visit two of the most magnificent snorkeling places.

What is the trip plan?

Hurghada Orange Bay trip
Hurghada Orange Bay trip

We will pick you up from your Hurghada hotel for our boat Hurghada Orange Bay trip with Sempre Travel Egypt.

The exciting excursion begins in Marina Hurghada on a contemporary boat with a sundeck and shaded areas.

We depart towards Orange Bay, a lagoon of the Giftun Island.

One of the most stunning sandy beaches off the coast of Hurghada.

There are countless unspoiled coral reefs in front of the island.

Today, the two most lovely ones are waiting for you.

Our knowledgeable captain will take you to the most excellent anchorages in the Red Sea.

The beginning will be at two of the Red Sea’s most spectacular snorkeling locations

It is one of the highlights of our snorkeling excursion in Hurghada excursions.

Due to its position and depth, each coral reef is diverse in terms of overgrowth and habitation.

The Red Sea in Egypt is home to a diverse range of marine life.

Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera!

We will first surprise you with a freshly made meal before you can experience the ambiance of the “Maldives Egypt.”

Now is the time to board the lunch boat

Our chef and his staff prepared a delicious lunch buffet for you throughout your snorkel trip.

What is the following the delectable lunch?!

Get better Sunbathing on Orange Bay’s  beach

Awaiting your arrival.

The island provides visitors with a magnificent sandy beach with areas to relax in the sun and the shade.

Wooden shelters, seats, and plush sitting cushions entice you to stay awhile.

The bay’s beautiful setting, with its lagoon and maximum water depth of 5 meters, creates a natural pool ideal for families with children.

Do you wish to wade in the water with your feet dangling?

Find a spot in the lake on one of the wooden seats – pure tranquility! You’ll have a great time on the island!

During your stay in Orange Bay, there are other active activities to pass the time.

Why not take a journey on the banana boat?

The banana boat journey is enjoyable for both the “young and elderly.”

Even the most lovely tour has to come to an end! We get back on the boat and head to the Hurghada Marina.

The transport from Hurghada jetty to Hurghada hotels concludes our Hurghada Orange Bay trip – snorkeling – Orange Bay beach.


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