tours of egypt

There are numerous tours of Egypt to choose from, including Luxor Temple and Cairo’s pyramids. These tours can be tailored to suit the type of traveler, from first-timers looking to see the sites of the ancient city to those more experienced. G Adventures tours are a great way to see the most famous attractions in Egypt. You can also choose a Nile River cruise to relax by the river.

Luxor Temple

For many people, a trip to the ancient Luxor Temple is a must when visiting Egypt. This large, complex temple complex was built around 1400 BCE and was known as the ipet resyt, or southern sanctuary. The beauty of the complex is incomparable. Today, you can tour the entire complex and learn about its history and architecture on a Luxor Temple tour. Here’s how to make the most of your visit to Egypt:

Cairo’s pyramids

The dazzling, towering Pyramids of Giza were built by Egyptian pharaohs during the Middle Kingdom. The construction of the pyramids required an astounding amount of work, lasting nearly 30 years. The pyramids were constructed during the Nile’s flooding, which meant that agriculture was impossible and hundreds of thousands of Egyptians had to work at one time or another. The city of Cairo, which has 18 million people today, has swelled to the extent that the archaeological area of Giza was overgrown.

Luxor Nile River cruise

If you’re looking to spend four days and three nights along the Nile, you can find the right luxury cruise for you. A five-star Nile River cruise includes a welcome Zaffa and a visit to Luxor Temple. The river cruise also includes stops at the Valley of the Kings and Queens, as well as the famous Colossi of Memnon. A seven-day trip ends in Aswan.

G Adventures

Travel is making a comeback around the world, and G Adventures is no exception. In June, it celebrated its 250th tour, a long time for the company. In July, 165 trips will depart from Cairo, and by October, more than 200 are on the schedule. The company has added new countries this month, including Portugal, Colombia, Spain, Montenegro, Morocco, Tanzania, and the U.S.

Viking River Cruises

When you’re on a Viking River Cruises tour of Egypt, you won’t be stuck in the middle of a city. The ship’s program director plans for frequent stops at ATMs, and escorts you to the machines if you forget your credit card. You’ll need extra money to tip the crew on your ship, the security guard, the bus driver, and other people along the way. Tipping is big business in Egypt, and your tour director will remind you whom to tip, how much, and where. He also explains how to avoid double dipping!

On the Go Tours

On the Go Tours of Egypt are a great choice if you want to see more than one site in Egypt. You will have an Egyptologist as your guide. These tour guides are degree-qualified and will help you explore the ancient treasures and the Red Sea. They will also give you tips about shopping and eating in Egypt. You can also extend your trip with exciting bolt-ons like visiting the Egyptian Museum. Here are some benefits of joining an On the Go Tour of Egypt.