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Marsa Alam was once a small fishing village but is now famously known as one of Egypt’s most exquisite dive destinations!

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Marsa Alam is one of the most famous holiday regions in southeast Egypt and is located directly on the west bank of the Red Sea, around 285 km south of Hurghada. The small fishing village has gradually developed into a popular travel destination for holidaymakers from all over the world in recent years. Today, Marsa Alam is best known for its impressive underwater world and the numerous dive sites available. 

There are numerous activities that you can participate in when staying in Marsa Alam. For example, you can explore the eastern desert, an arid area of around 220,000 km², on an exciting desert safari. With the jeep and the quad, you explore the landscape and have the chance to learn more about the desert inhabitants and their everyday life in a Bedouin village. 

Marsa Alam beach




Impressive diving and snorkeling sites such as Elphinstone and the beautiful Sataya Reef, which is best known for the local wild dolphins, await you off the coast of Marsa Alam. With a bit of luck, on a snorkeling excursion to Abu Dabbab, you will not only see turtles, but also dugongs that are native here. 

Semper Travel Egypt offers you a selection of impressive and varied excursions from Marsa Alam. 


The summer season traditionally falls between April and October, which is dry, likely to be relatively hot and also peak travel time for tourists from all corners of the globeThe winter season runs between November and March, which is dry and moderately warm, however in the evening the temperatures drop across the desert allowing it to become much cooler at night. July is the hottest month in Marsa Alam with an average temperature ranging between 3540°C and the coldest month is January with a low of 24°C. 

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The Red Sea!

Check out our various opportunities to explore the Red Sea!

Diving with sharks

Diving in Elphinstone. 

Do you want to go to one of the most famous diving spots in Egypt? Then come along on a trip to Elphinstone. The Elphinstone Reef is approximately 12 kilometers from the coast and 30 kilometers from Marsa Alam. This dive site is best known for its colorful underwater world and the drift dives that you can do on site. This dive site is therefore only recommended for experienced divers with at least 50 dives. Not only are numerous fish and coral species at home on site, but there are also impressive encounters with white tip sharks and hammerhead sharks. Especially in the months of October to December you have a good chance of observing these wonderful animals in their natural habitat. 

Marsa Alam Dolphins

 Sataya Reef – Dolphin House

One of our varied snorkeling trips takes you to the beautiful Sataya Reef. This is also known as the Dolphin House. Spinner dolphins have made this reef their home and are spotted time and time again on site. Dolphins are naturally very curious animals and they often interact with the divers and snorkelers. The Sataya Reef is located approximately 111 kilometers south of Marsa Alam and in total you will make stops at two snorkeling spots on this excursion. Keep your eyes peeled for the many species of fish and corals that make their home in the Red Sea. Including clown fish, puffer fish and moray eels. 

sataya reef dolphins

Abu Dabbab. 

On a half-day or full day trip, we will bring you from Marsa Alam to Abu Dabbab known as Turtle Bay. In addition to the numerous species of fish and coral reefs that are native here, there are frequent sightings of turtles and dugongs. Abu Dabbab is located around 30 kilometers north of Marsa Alam and stretches over a length of around 2 kilometers. The nature reserve is surrounded by rocks and thus offers an ideal home for the gentle giants and the other sea creatures. On our snorkeling excursions to Abu Dabbab you will stop at several snorkeling sites and look out for the more than 1,000 species of fish that are at home in the Red Sea. 

dugong marsa alam

The Red Sea

For some, it is a divine paradise; for others, it is an important oil well or an indispensable transport route: the Red Sea.  

Desert mountains rise on its shores. In its depths, it hides a dazzling variety of fish and corals. 

From a geological perspective, the “Bahr al-Ahmar”, as the Red Sea is called in Arabic, is still quite young. It was created about 20-30 million years ago by separating the African and Asian continental plates. The resulting crack was filled with seawater. 

The beautiful Red Sea in Egypt has a surface area of about 438.000 km2, is around 2.250 km long, and, at its widest point, 355 km wide. It has a maximum depth of 3.040m in the central Suakin Trough and an average depth of 490 m. There are extensive shallow shelves, noted for their marine life and corals, too. 

Crystal clear water and sunshine that warms the soul, make the Egyptian Red Sea a great destination for vacationers all year round. 

The Red Sea Riviera is an extended coastal area full of beautiful beaches that lead to the Red Sea in Egypt. Here you’ll be able to swim among dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles, and an overwhelming number of fishes and corals. It is the perfect destination for diving at any time of the year. 

Marsa Alam, which is located south of Hurghada, also offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving. For example, one of the most popular places is Abu Dabbab, where you have the chance to see dugongs, sea turtles, and more. Snorkel amongst the islands of Hamata national park or discover the marine life of Sataya Reef or Samadai Reef. For experienced divers, Elphinstone Reef is not to be missed with the opportunity of coming face to face with white tip and hammerhead sharks. 

Hurghada, is one of the oldest vacation spots on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea and also one of the famous attractions for tourists. The possibilities for activities in land and on the water are almost unlimited. You can take a submarine ride that allows you to explore 22 meters underwater, snorkeling amongst the vibrant marine life or relax on one of its beautiful Islands such as Paradise IslandMahmya Island, and Orange Bay.  

El Gouna is a modern resort on the Red Sea, where you can choose to relax and take scenic walks along its marinas and lagoons or head out to spend a day on the sea with the Ocean Diva Catamaran, one of the most popular excursions in El Gouna. Diving, fishing, snorkeling, and much more is available to you in El Gouna. 


The Red Sea in Marsa Alam, Egypt, has a lot more to offer. More cities, more excursions, more fun, and excitement. Sempre Travel Egypt offers all these fantastic excursions.

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Mahmya from El Gouna
Snorkeling Port Ghalib
Safari Marsa alam

Desert safari at Marsa Alam. 

In addition to an impressive underwater world, Marsa Alam also has a wonderful landscape to offer. Explore this impressive landscape on our desert safari by quad. Conquer the desert dunes and explore the eastern desert. The eastern desert is a dry area of around 220,000 km², part of the Sahara and is located in the east of the Nile – between the river and the Red Sea. This part of the Sahara is also known to many as the “Arabian Desert”. The impressive landscape is rich in natural resources. Including the most important oil fields in Egypt. In addition to a speedy trip by quad and jeep, you also have the chance to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the Bedouins. During a visit to a Bedouin village where you will learn more about the everyday life of the desert inhabitants and you can relax with a tea. Afterwards, a freshly prepared BBQ dinner and a traditional folklore show awaits you for beautiful evening under the stars.