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Enjoy Overnight Cairo Tour from Makadi Bay


2 Days

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Spend 2 days exploring the history and enjoy Overnight Cairo Tour from Makadi Bay alone or with friends and family, Visit together with Sempre Travel Egypt and a private Tour Guide to enjoy Cairo highlights.

Enjoy Overnight Cairo Tour from Makadi Bay

We take you to the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Saladin Citadel, and Old Cairo incl. Saqqara and Memphis capital of Ancient Egypt.

Stress-free and in a pleasant atmosphere with our Cairo day trips from Makadi Bay incl. Overnight stay.

The tour includes also Alabaster Mosque, Abu Serga Church, Hanging Church in Old Cairo, and wandering in Khan El Khalili and doing the shopping.

Book this amazing 2 days tour with the wandering in Old Cairo streets and the history of ancient Egypt through Sempre Travel Egypt.

Price per Person

1 Person: 442.00 €
from 2 People: 282.88 €
from 3 People: 229.84 €
from 4 People: 198.90 €
from 5 People: 181.22 €
from 6 People: 172.38 €
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  • Sightseeing: the best Cairo sights with your private Tour Guide
  • Saqqara
  • Memphis
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Saladin Citadel – Alabaster Mosque
  • Abu Serga church – Hanging Church – Old Cairo
  • Khan el Khalili Cairo


Day 1: Memphis, Saqqara, Pyramids of Giza

Cairo, the world metropole awaits you 

Explore with Sempre Travel Egypt in a relaxed and nice atmosphere the best Cairo sights incl. Overnight stay near the world-famous Pyramids of Giza. Alone or in a small group, we start with our tour with a visit to Saqqara – Memphis – Pyramids of Giza – Egyptian Museum – Saladin Citadel – Old Cairo with Abu Serga church and Khan el Khalili Cairo 

Already with the drive from your Makadi Bay Hotels, you will notice the difference to mass tourism. If alone or in small groups of up to 7 people, you will enjoy the relaxed and entertaining ride in our modern air-conditioned vehicles. After arriving in Cairo, our first stop is  

Memphis capital of Egypt in ancient times 

Memphis capital of Egypt was the capital of Ancient Egypt. Most of the approximately 100 pyramids found near Cairo date from the time when Memphis was the most important city in Egypt and at the same time the whole world. 

Memphis capital of Egypt in ancient times fell apart long before the current capital, Cairo, was founded. It was home to the pharaohs who built the Pyramid of Djoser and the Pyramids of Giza. Close by there is also the Saqqara necropolis, which is one of the oldest burial places in the world. In Saqqara, we visit  

Saqqara Step Pyramid – Pyramid of Djoser 

Pyramid of Djoser – Saqqara Step Pyramid is one of the most important archaeological sites of Egypt. The Djoser Step Pyramid is not as famous as the 3 Pyramids of Giza but is an older example of pyramids and is considered by archaeologists to be the predecessor of pyramids. The Saqqara Step Pyramid was built in the 27th century BC by Djoser and got its name from its step-shaped sides. Another contrast to the Pyramids of Giza. Its structure, made up of six different layers, forms steps of decreasing size that build up on top of each other.  

Archaeologists see this as an improvement to the practice used before, a flat rectangular structure under which the pharaohs were buried in the past. The 203-foot (approx. 62 m) high Pyramid of Djoser lead to the construction of the Pyramids of Giza, one of the world-famous landmarks of Egypt. 

From Saqqara, we continue our way to the Giza Plateau with the 3 Pyramids of Egypt. 

We will make our lunch break in a traditional restaurant close to the Pyramids.  

Pyramids of Giza 

The Pyramids of Giza, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, are a landmark for Egypt`s capital. Here you will be welcomed by our Egyptologist. The world-famous 3 Pyramids of Egypt are on the outskirts of the Cairo metropolis on the Giza Plateau. Standing at the foot of the Pyramids you will ask yourself: How did the Egyptians manage to create this masterpiece over 4,000 years ago without mechanical help? Our Egyptologist is always there to answer all your questions.  

At the end of our first day, we drive you to a hotel close to the Pyramids of Giza where you will spend the night. Would you like to meet up for dinner in the evening? We are more than happy to arrange this for you. How about a restaurant close by or on the Nile? 

Day 2: Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, Abu Serga, Khan el Khalili

Enjoy your breakfast in the hotel before we continue our 2 Day Cairo Tour – The best Cairo sights incl. Overnight stay with a visit to the Egyptian Museum.   

Egyptian Museum  

Egyptian Museum: You think visiting Museums is boring? We will convince you with the opposite! None of you will expect these monumental statues that are normally found in an open-air museum. The Egyptian Museum awaits you with the most impressive masterpieces of antiquity, including filigree jewelry of the pharaohs and breathtaking statues. Enjoy the advantage of a private tour and let us guide you to the world-famous sarcophagus of the child King Tutankhamun among all the thousands of other artifacts.  

From the Egyptian Museum, we continue our tour by driving through Cairo City. Watch how the traffic meanders over several lanes on our way to the next attraction, the Saladin Citadel. 

Saladin Citadel – Alabaster Mosque 

The Saladin Citadel in Cairo is located on one of the most beautiful heights of Cairo City. The Citadel of Saladin, built as a fortress on the Mokattam plateau with a view over Egypt capital, is considered to be the best-preserved monumental fortress. It houses the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, also known as Alabaster Mosque, which was built between 1830 and 1848. With its location on a hill, you have an overview of a large part of Cairo City from here. With good visibility, you can even spot the Pyramids of Giza. 

Beneath Saladin Citadel, there is one of Cairo`s most beautiful green areas, the Al Azhar Park, with a beautiful view that the residents of Cairo use for their weekend excursions. From here we continue our 2 Day Cairo Tour – the best Cairo sights incl. Overnight stay to Old Cairo 

Abu Serga church – Hanging Church – Old Cairo 

Old Cairo is waiting for us with Abu Serga Church and Hanging Church. There is probably one of the oldest Coptic Church in Egypt in Cairo`s Coptic Quarter, the famous “Hanging Church” which got its name from the way it was built in the city wall. With the Abu Serga Church, we visit the place where the Holy Family sought refuge while fleeing from Herod.   

Khan el Khalili Cairo 

Khan el Khalili Cairo is one of the largest bazaars in the Orient. Let yourself be carried away in this oriental atmosphere of the world-famous Khan el Khalili Cairo. Here on one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East, souvenirs, handicrafts as well as teas, and Egypt`s famous oils for perfume production await you. Take a walk through the alleys of Khan el Khalili Cairo market before we start our return trip from the 2 Day Cairo Tour – the best Cairo sights incl. Overnight stay to your accommodation in Makadi Bay.

Everything about the excursion:

TOUR TYPE: Culture/City Tour 


PICK-UP POINT: Your accommodation in Makadi Bay 

PICK-UP TIME: around 02:00 a.m.    

RETURN: Your accommodation in Makadi Bay

General information:      

Travel Guide:  

All our guides are experienced Egyptologists with at least 5 years of experience.    


All our vehicles are modern equipment and have air-condition.       


To secure the booking, a 25 % deposit of the travel price is due, this can be done online by credit card, Visa and Master or bank transfer.      

The remaining amount of 75 % must be paid before the start of the excursion on the day of travel and can be paid with credit card or cash.      

The booking of your trip is considered complete and confirmed by your tour operator, as soon as we have received the 25 % deposit.   

Children's prices:   

Children from 0 - 2 years free of charge (except for flight excursions)      

Children from 3 to 11 years of age receive a 50 % discount      

Children from 12 years old are considered an adult   


  • Transfer from and to your accommodation
  • All transfers with modern air-conditioned vehicles
  • One night in a 5* Hotel in Cairo incl. breakfast
  • All sights mentioned in the itinerary
  • All entrance fees for visits according to the itinerary
  • Professional Egyptologist during the privately guided tour
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Assistance from travel agents with pick-up and return
  • Personal Expenses during the tour

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What do I have to bring with me?
Sun and wind protection
Comfortable Shoes
Jacket in the wintertime
Light cotton clothing in the summertime
Passport valid for 6 months
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