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Enjoy experiencing the Wreck Diving Hurghada


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Enjoy experiencing the Wreck Diving Hurghada is a world-famous endeavor in which the Red Sea is one of the favorite destinations for wreck divers from all over the world.

Sempre Travel Egypt takes you to the most popular Hurghada wreck dive sites, Dive with us at the Balena Wreck Hurghada off the coast of Hurghada, the El Mina wreck (a harbor wreck), the Excalibur wreck Hurghada, or the Salem Express off Safaga.

Enjoy experiencing the Wreck Diving Hurghada

Discover the area of Wreck Diving Hurghada and see foreign vessels that attacked Egypt and have been countered and sunk in the Red Sea.

Live relaxation and excitement at the same time with a lifetime experience of the Wreck Diving Hurghada.

Enjoy the memorable day and don’t forget to take special photos at this diving.

Enjoy this exciting trip with Sempre Travel Egypt, and book now.

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  • Wreck diving Egypt
  • With Sempre Travel Egypt to the best dive spots – Wreck diving Hurghada
  • Balena wreck Hurghada
  • El Mina wreck
  • Excalibur wreck Hurghada
  • Salem Express


Tour Program

Wreck diving Egypt  

For one of the Hurghada wreck dive sites selected by you, we start early in the morning with the pick-up from your accommodation in Hurghada for the transfer to the boat dock in Hurghada. At the end of the tour, the boat will arrive back at the boat dock from where we will take you to your Hurghada Hotels   

With Sempre Travel Egypt to the best dive spots – Wreck Diving Hurghada   

Close to the coast of Hurghada, we offer you 4 different day tours to fascinating Red Sea wrecks, some of the most impressive wreck dive sites in Egypt. For a successful trip to the Red Sea wrecks, a professional instructor will accompany you on each of the 4 different wreck diving Egypt - Wreck Diving Hurghada locations. Our instructor will show you, for example, the  

Balena wreck Hurghada  

The story: The Balena wreck Hurghada, a burned-out and sunken diving safari boat Egypt, lies about 10 m below the water surface in front of the Hurghada harbor. The MS Balena, built in 1990, was intended as a mail ship for Djibouti. Because of the war situation in Somalia, this plan did not work out. Since 1992 the MS Balena was stationed in Hurghada as a boat for a diving safari. After the owner changed several times, the diving safari boat Egypt was anchored near the hotels on the coast of Hurghada for a long time until a big fire in 2001 caused the diving safari boat Egypt to sink in just 3 hours.  

Wreck diving Egypt:  

Start the dive at the stern and follow the steel hull to the bow. Due to his young age, the coral growth on the hull of the Balena wreck Hurghada is not very distinct but, some colorful soft corals and numerous fish species like the puffers or the boxfish chose the Balena wreck Hurghada as their home.  Around the wreck, you can even spot swarms of barracudas making circles. A huge variety of brightly colored nudibranchs have chosen the trunk as their spot.   

Numerous portholes and windows reveal the inside of the cabins, and most of the spaces inside are easy to access and suitable for beginners of wreck diving Egypt 

Not far from the Balena wreck Hurghada you can sometimes discover some blue-spotted stingrays hiding in the seabed. Another wreck that we offer on our tour to the Red Sea wrecks is a visit to the    

El Mina wreck  

The story: The El Mina wreck is the 70 m long wreck of an Egyptian minesweeper that sank in 1969 during a bombardment by the Israelis.  

Wreck diving Egypt:  

The dive to the El Mina wreck at a depth of around 28-30 m is the perfect wreck diving Hurghada spot. The wreck, located on a rocky seabed, lies on a field of rubble, so be careful here and don’t touch anything cause there is still ammunition in the vicinity of the El Mina wreck! Due to the strong current, this dive is suitable for holders of an AOWD certification.    

A large opening at the front of the wreck, created by a blast, gives wreck divers a view into the interior of the El Mina wreck. Here you can discover glassfish, as well as some clownfish or anemonefish, that sometimes get lost.  

Only a few corals adorn the wreck, and the reason for that is the strong current that prevents them from settling here.    

The following tour is also part of our Hurghada Wreck Diving Sites program:  

Excalibur wreck Hurghada  

The story: Off the coast of Hurghada near Sakkala, the Excalibur wreck Hurghada, a former diving safari boat that sank in 1996, lies about 20 meters deep on the seabed of the Red Sea  

At its peak, the Excalibur was the only diving safari boat, that took the same routes, that were already visited by the world-famous Jacques Cousteau.   

Wreck diving Egypt:   

Dive up to 20 m down to the 22 m long wreck of the double masted sailing ship. The Excalibur wreck Hurghada is surrounded by beautiful corals, so it's worth taking your underwater camera with you. The wreck itself, however, is not very overgrown by corals due to its recent history.   

You should enter the wreck carefully through the cabin deck. A narrow passage leads up to the bridge, where you get back into the blue water. The Excalibur wreck Hurghada is suitable for holders of an OWD diving license.    

Now to our last offer from the Hurghada wreck dive sites, the  

Salem Express  

The story: The Salem Express has a terrifying history. In December 1991, the Salem Express was on its way from Saudi Arabia to Egypt after visiting Mecca. Estimated more than 1000 passengers were on board at this time. Close before reaching Safaga, the ferry struck a reef. The coral banks south of Hyndman Reef broke through the water surface only slightly in the stormy weather and cracked a hole in the hull, which caused the rear door of the ferry to pop open.   

Wreck diving Egypt:  

Since this wreck is a large sea grave, one should approach the wreck with respect. The wreck is lying on its side about 15 m below the water surface, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the Salem Express wreck. 

Everything about the excursion:

TOUR TYPE: Wreck diving 


PICK-UP POINT: Your accommodation in Hurghada  

PICK-UP TIME: around 07:30 a.m.  

RETURN: Your accommodation in Hurghada  

General information:   

Dive guide:  

All our dive guides are very experienced  


All of our vehicles / boats have modern equipment  


To secure the booking, a 25 % deposit of the travel price is due, this can be done online by credit card, Visa and Master or bank transfer.    

The remaining amount of 75 % must be paid before the start of the excursion on the day of travel and can be paid with credit card or cash.   

The booking of your trip is considered complete and confirmed by your tour operator as soon as we have received the 25 % deposit.


  • Transfer from and to your accommodation 
  • All transfers with modern air-conditioned vehicles 
  • Rental of dive equipment  
  • Professional dive guide  
  • 2 Dives (1 wreck dive, 1 reef dive)
  • Mineral water and soft drinks during the tour  
  • Lunch buffet on the boat
  • Personal Expenses during the tour 
  • Extra Oxygen

Tour's Location


What do I have to bring with me?
Sun and wind protection 
Bath towel 
Underwater Camera
Diving license
Pass valid for 6 months
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