tours of egypt

Signature trips to Egypt are the most mainstream types of Egypt travel. These tours offer small group sizes, guides, and comfortable accommodations. You’ll still travel by overnight train north and south, but you won’t have to pay as much for admissions or meals. Signature tours are also considered luxurious. Some may even offer Nile cruises. Here are some tips for finding the perfect Egypt tour. All tours of Egypt start with a tour company’s reputation.

Classical Egyptian tours are based on pharaonic monuments

Many tours of Egypt are based on pharaonic monument sites, but the most popular ones tend to focus on the tombs of the royal families. Although the pharaonic tombs were typically hidden in secluded valleys, the tombs of the nobles were ostentatiously built on limestone foothills overlooking the great funerary temples. While the royal tombs were sealed and guarded, noble tombs were often left open, inviting their descendants to visit and offer offerings. Noble tombs are more common, and usually feature depictions of their earthly existence and continuation in the afterlife. Although the tombs of the pharaohs are more elaborate, the tombs of the nobles are often adorned with vivid paintings on stucco, and the decoration is also a sign of their higher status

The Pharaonic Village is an important tourist site in Cairo, Egypt. This site introduces the culture and art of ancient Egypt. You can learn more about the life of an ancient Egyptian by taking a guided tour. The ruins of Pharaonic Temple, Luxor Pyramid, and the Valley of the Kings are just some of the sites that you can visit during a Classical Egyptian tour.

Private guided tours

If you’ve ever wished to travel in luxury, a private guided tour of Egypt might be for you. From ancient mysteries to world-renowned monuments, this ancient country has it all. You’ll see the Valley of the Kings, a mortuary temple that inspired the poem “Ozymandias,” and perhaps even see the Solar Boat, which took Pharaoh Khufu to the afterlife.

While a package deal or group tour can save you money, be prepared for limited flexibility and zero customization. Private guided tours will customize your experience, avoid crowds, and take you to lesser-known wonders. You can also ask questions and get personalized attention. Private guided tours are a great option for travelers who want to travel in luxury but don’t want to spend a fortune. And if you’re on a tight budget, you can also book private tours of Egypt.

Nile cruises

When planning a tour to Egypt, one of the best ways to visit the country’s ancient monuments is to take a Nile cruise. The river cruise is an ideal way to see both ancient and modern life on this ancient river. Here are the benefits of taking a Nile cruise. Let the Nile River cruise take the stress out of your trip. Here are some things to consider when booking a Nile cruise.

Onboard a Nile cruise, you’ll enjoy a well-appointed, fully equipped floating hotel. There’s a sun deck, an entertaining center, an inner swimming pool, a lounge bar, a discotheque, a magnificent restaurant, and a beauty salon. There’s also an on-board laundry service and a gift shop, as well as a safe deposit box.