hurghada tours

In this article you will learn how to combine hurghada tours with other Egypt sightseeing trips, including a trip to Cairo and its Islamic wonders. Whether you are interested in visiting the Pyramids, Sphinx, or cruising the Nile, you will find several options for a Hurghada tour. The first option is a classic Egyptian experience – a Nile cruise. But if you want something a little different, try an African safari instead.

hurghada tours include Cairo Islamic marvels

A Hurghada tour takes you to the Red Sea city resort, where you can enjoy a quad car or camel ride while enjoying the local Bedouin culture. You can sample the local cuisine and drinks and snorkel at the local dive site to get a glimpse of the underwater ecosystem. In between the sights, you can relax with a refreshing drink or snack at the midway stop. Tours to Hurghada also include the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Luxor temple, Karnak temple and other attractions.


The pyramids of Egypt are a must-see when in Egypt. The tour from Hurghada to Cairo includes an air-conditioned coach and visits to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum. This trip takes around six hours. To reach the pyramids, the first step is to book your ticket and confirm it with your hotel. The tour will be over before you know it.


There are many reasons to visit the Great Sphinx in Hurghada, Egypt. It is believed that it was erected by the Pharoah Khafre and was saved from destruction by Pharoah Thurmose IV. Near the Sphinx is the Grand Egyptian Museum. You’ll find an incredible collection of Egyptian artifacts here, including the treasures from boy king Tutankhamun’s tomb. These personal possessions still survive thousands of years after Tutankhamun’s death.

Nile cruise

If you are looking for a budget cruise that includes some of the best sights of Egypt, then the Nile cruise from Hurghada to Aswan might be for you. The journey from Hurghada to Aswan is 600 km long, and a private transfer is your best bet. Private transfers are cheaper if you have a group of five or more people. Plus, they can be more enjoyable.

Luxor dusty tombs

Most Hurghada tours begin with a day at the beach, followed by a private minibus ride to the dusty tombs of Luxor. After your time at the dusty tombs, you will have time to relax and explore the city before your flight back to Egypt. You can choose to extend your Hurghada stay, staying at a different hotel or upgrading to a full-service resort. The trip typically lasts for three days, including leisurely strolls through the Old Town and the marina. Then, after you’ve gotten your fill of the beach, you can fly to Cairo for one more day.


The Shipwrecks of Hurghada are a popular part of the holiday, so you may want to explore the area to discover these unique and fascinating wrecks. A visit to the shipwrecks of Hurghada is an exciting way to explore the region and take in the views of the Red Sea. There are a number of different excursions available to tourists. You can also book a liveaboard tour to see the shipwrecks from the sea.


If you want to take advantage of the numerous luxury stores in Hurghada, you can book Hurghada shopping tours. These private tours are conducted by knowledgeable drivers in modern air-conditioned vehicles. Once you’ve finished your shopping, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel in Hurghada by your guide. Upon return, you can shop for the latest designer clothes or other items. You can even haggle prices and negotiate the best deals.