Hurghada (al-Ġurdaqa) is next to Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam, one of the most famous holiday destinations in Egypt. As the largest seaside resort in the Red Sea, the tourist destination that emerged from a former small fishing village attracts sun worshipers, divers and snorkel lovers from all over the world. Since 1970, Hurghada has also become a popular diving destination for professionals, because wreck diving off Hurghada’s coast and organized boat tours to the most famous Red Sea shipwrecks such as the famous Thistlegorm has meanwhile made Hurghada a name even in the smallest corners of the world.

In the 80s, a so-called construction boom developed. Hotels shot out of the ground, and many fans of Egypt discovered the wonderful holiday combination of a Nile Cruise on Egypt’s lifeline, followed by a beach holiday in Hurghada.

The perfect climate conditions all year round, the sandy beaches on the Red Sea coast with beautiful coral reefs not only attract friends of the sea, but Hurghada has another card in hand thanks to its perfect location: the Arabian desert! Safari excursions offer pure adventure!

We will now take you by the hand for a short “walk” through the streets of Hurghada, to some of the Hurghada sights, before showing you the best Hurghada attractions.

We start our Hurghada tour with the sights in

Dahar (el Dahar) 

Here in the oldest part of Hurghada and far from your hotel, you will get an insight into the daily life of Egyptians and the hustle and bustle on the streets. Talking about hustle and bustle, come with us to the souq, a fruit and vegetable market where the vendors offer their fresh goods early in the morning and mingle with the locals. The price tags, written in Arabic, shouldn’t prevent you from gettings some fresh fruit. Everybody here is more than happy to help you.

Very close to the souq in the Dahar district is the largest Coptic church in Hurghada. Close by is the souq, a market on the streets of which there is one small shop after the other with everything you need for daily life. Here you can find spices, natural oils, food (Egypt is world-famous for its great quality), kitchen utensils, clothing, home furnishing, accessories, gold, silver and many more.

In contrast to a shopping trip through the streets and markets of Hurghadas old town, you can go and visit the new Hurghada City Center. The large shopping centre on the edge of the old part of Hurghada offers a wide range of international companies.

On the way to the old port of Hurghada, the place for large cruise ships, cargo ships and a ferry to Sharm El Sheikh, is the biggest mosque in Hurghada. This magnificent building was built a few years ago.

If you want to visit religious sites, we recommend covered clothing.

Here the next district of Hurghada starts


One of the tourist meeting points is the New Marina, where the various restaurants and bars at the Hurghada Marina invite you to relax. Marvel at the noblest yachts from all over the world while taking a stroll along the promenade!

Sheraton Street, a commercial street, runs parallel to the New Marina. It’s the main street of Hurghada, where shops are lined up next to restaurants and hotels.

A little remark on my part:

Do not be afraid of taking a stroll through the streets and the Hurghada Souq. Egyptians are very hospitable and a clear “No, thank you” (Shukran) helps to communicate with the dealers who advertise their goods.

Transfer Hurghada

Transfer Hurghada

A little advice from me:

In addition to taxis, there are also small minibuses in Hurghada. To take them you just stand by the street, raise your hand and for a small price you can go from A to B. Be sure that this is a very special experience for Europeans! A VIP Transfer service offers a comfortable Hurghada transfer. If a limousine or a private trip with family and friends by minibus, there are many options.

Before we come to the many Hurghada attractions, we have to talk about the various accommodations that Hurghada offers. Hurghada offers suitable, individual accommodations for every tourist in 3 to 5-star hotels, apartments, studios, and even entire villas are available. Various Hurghada excursions ensure a varied Hurghada vacation.

What kind of excursions can I do in Hurghada?  

Here are some of my suggestions for Hurghada attractions 

Hurghada excursions: 

Hurghada Excursions

Do you love water and would like to add some variety to your holiday at the hotel? Here we go…  

Snorkeling Excursion Hurghada:  

Various boat tours take you to Hurghada’s best snorkelling areas off the coast.  

Catamaran Dolphin House:  

A very special snorkeling tour that I can highly recommend. The Ocean Diva catamaran not only glides smoothly over the Red Sea, but without the keel, the Ocean Diva can steer much closer than regular boats to the beautiful coral reefs and glides even partly over them.   

Diving Experience Hurghada  

Diving tours from Hurghada for professional divers include cave diving as well as wreck diving. Besides that, there are also excursions for beginners and PADI diving courses – everything is possible!

Fishing trip Hurghada:  

Depending on the season, private fishing trips for beginners and professionals are offered. The Red Sea is world-famous for its diversity of large fish.   

Do you have enough of the water activities?  

Safari tour Hurghada: 

Safari Tour Hurghada

Experience the Arabian desert of Hurghada with various tours like a Safari Quad Tour, or the Hurghada Super Safari Quad Buggy 4×4 Jeep Tour. Different tours attract early birds as well as a romantic Quad Tour into the sunset in the desert.

But there are not just adventurous excursions into the desert. Part of the Hurghada tour program is also a cultural tour to a part of the Eastern Desert. How about a visit to the monasteries of Egypt, the St. Antonius Monastery and the impressive St. Paul Monastery – a wonderful trip to the Galala Mountain.

A trip to the ghost town of Egypt combines a feeling of adventure with a tour back to the past.

Cultural Excursions Hurghada

Cultural Excursions

Newly opened, with a beautiful collection of artefacts from ancient Egypt, the Hurghada Museum offers a foretaste of a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Of course, the cultural excursions from Hurghada also lead to the famous Luxor sites. Here are just a few examples of tours that you should not miss during your stay in Hurghada:

How about a Day trip from Hurghada to Luxor in a small group or a 2 Day Trip to Luxor including an overnight stay in one of the beautiful hotels on the banks of the Nile River? Travel in peace and with a professional tour guide to the most impressive Luxor sites.

It doesn’t really matter whether you visit Luxor or Cairo first, one thing is for sure, both cities are a must when visiting Egypt.

In the metropolis of Cairo, the famous Egyptian Museum and the Grand Egyptian Museum are home to the mummies and grave goods from, among others, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor and other excavations throughout Egypt. For people, who are the first time in Cairo, I recommend a private tour from Hurghada incl. overnight stay to see the famous sights in a small group and far away from mass tourism. How about the Overnight Cairo Tours – 2 Day Cairo from Hurghada – Cairo Sightseeing tour? This tour offers you all the comfort and the chance to attend the sound and light show at the Cairo Pyramids in the evening.

I am sure you already noticed what I want to say, besides the world-famous Pyramids of Giza, the Citadel of Saladin, Old Cairo with the Coptic and Islamic part, as well as the famous bazaar Khan El Khalili, Cairo also houses the artefacts of Luxor. Another city in Egypt awaits you with more impressive sites and the beautiful tombs of the mummies of the famous pharaohs of Egypt.

A suggestion on my part:  

With a travel package, you can easily create an all-around tour and combine your beach vacation in Hurghada with a stay in Cairo or a Nile Cruise.   

Hurghada, with its excellent location at the Red Sea, offers everything for a pleasant vacation.
Besides that, it’s the perfect starting point for the various day- and multi-day tours all over Egypt!
I hope you now have some more ideas for planning your next vacation.