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Enjoy Cairo to Abu Simbel tour by plane 


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Enjoy Cairo to Abu Simbel tour by plane, Take the opportunity to visit the impressive Abu Simbel Temples, a must-see when visiting Egypt.

Our Cairo excursions by plane to Abu Simbel Temples take you to one of the most historic temples 40 km away from the Sudan border.

Enjoy Cairo to Abu Simbel tour by plane

Abu Simbel Temple is one of the symbols of ancient Egyptian civilization and an attractive historical place.

You can spend a wonderful day discovering the hidden secrets of the ancients with a professional Egyptologist.

Explore the beauty of Egypt’s past and daily life habits that are documented on the Temple’s walls.

Abu Simbel Temple was built for Ramses II and his beloved Queen Nefertari, it was relocated in 1968 to avoid submersion by the massive Lake Nasser.

Book the amazing tour through Sempre Travel Egypt and enjoy the ancient Egyptian monuments.


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  • Abu Simbel Discovery
  • Abu Simbel Rock Temple
  • Abu Simbel Sun Festival


Tour Program

Before sunset, early in the morning, we pick you up from your accommodation in Cairo to take one of the Abu Simbel flights. This Cairo excursion starts with the way from Cairo Airport to Abu Simbel by plane. Our destination is one of the most famous temples Egypt with its impressive history.

The Abu Simbel Airport was specially built for tourists to cover the long distance to Abu Simbel for a day trip. After arrival, you will be welcomed by our experienced archaeologist, who will lead you to one of the most spectacular temples, the Abu Simbel temples.

Abu Simbel Discovery

Due to its location in the deep south, the Abu Simbel Temples were not even discovered by Napoleons Expedition to Egypt (1789 to 1799). The temples in Nubia, covered by dunes, were only discovered in 1813 by a Swiss adventure traveller dressed in traditional clothes. It was not until 1817 that amateur archaeologists succeeded in penetrating the interior of the temple. Many archaeologists and artists then toured Abu Simbel Temples and brought the temple to the world through paintings and records.

Abu Simbel Rock Temple

The Abu Simbel Rock Temple, which consists of two parts, dates from the reign of Ramses II in the 13th century. His history is special, like the one of the Philae Temple in Aswan.

With the construction of the Aswan Dam in 1960, the Abu Simbel Temples would have been submerged in the water masses at its original location. With the support of UNESCO and an international team of archaeologists, the temples were dismantled in a risky undertaking to move them 65 m above their original location to 210 m. Here they were rebuilt in the same direction on a rock plateau.

In preparation, a protective wall was first built around the Abu Simbel Temples to protect them from the rising tides, while the two temples were sawn into blocks, each numbered, to rebuild them in place with a mixture of desert sand and cement. This has been done so perfectly that it is hard to see where the individual blocks have been put together.

Abu Simbel Sun Festival

One of the peculiarities they had to pay attention to when erecting the Abu Simbel Temples in its new location is to be meticulous in the direction. Twice a year, on February 21st and October 21st, the rays of the sun should penetrate to the sanctuary in the temple to light up the statues of Ramses and Amun in the sunlight. Only one statue is not light up by the sun, the one of Ptah God of Darkness (god of the underworld). He stays in the darkness of the temple.

The Abu Simbel Rock Temple, lined with four 20 meter high seated statues of Ramses, is one of the most impressive temples in Egypt and its world-famous facade represents Abu Simbel.

After visiting Abu Simbel Rock Temple with its impressive history, we make our way back to the Abu Simbel Airport for our return flight to Cairo Airport. After arriving in Cairo, we take you back to your accommodation in Cairo.

Everything about the excursion

TOUR TYPE: Culture  


 VISIT: according to the itinerary 

PICK-UP POINT: Your accommodation in Cairo 

PICK-UP TIME: around 03:30 a.m.    

RETURN: Your accommodation in Cairo  

General information:      

Travel Guide:  

All our guides are experienced Egyptologists with at least 5 years of experience.    


All our vehicles are have modern equipment and air-condition.       


To secure the booking, a 25 % deposit of the travel price is due, this can be done online by credit card, Visa and Master or bank transfer.      

The remaining amount of 75 % must be paid before the start of the excursion on the day of travel and can be paid with credit card or cash.      

The booking of your trip is considered complete and confirmed by your tour operator, as soon as we have received the 25 % deposit.      

Children's prices:   

Children from 0 - 2 years free of charge (except for flight excursions)      

Children from 3 to 11 years of age receive a 50 % discount      

Children from 12 years old are considered an adult   


  • Transfer from and to your accommodation
  • All transfers with modern air-conditioned vehicles
  • Flight from Cairo – Abu Simbel and return
  • All sights mentioned in the itinerary
  • All entrance fees for visits according to the itinerary
  • Professional Egyptologist during the privately guided tour
  • Assistance from travel agents with pick-up and return
  • Personal Expenses during the tour

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Sun and wind protection
Comfortable Shoes
Jacket in the wintertime
Light cotton clothing in the summertime
Passport valid for 6 months
Photo / Video camera
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