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Taking its name from the Eastern Deserts mountains Sulfur springs which run from Gebel Ataqa, El Sokhna translates to Hot Springs.

Al Sokhna Beach

Al Sokhna meaning “the hot Spring” is a town lying along the western shore of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez Governorate. Al Sokhna is situated 55 kilometers from Suez and approximately 120 kilometers east of Cairo. In recent years archaeologists have shown that there once was an ancient Egyptian port and settlement based in Al Sokhna. The site was first brought to attention dating back to 1999 by a professor called Mahmud Abd El Raziq. Since this time French and Egyptian archaeologists have been investigating and studying this site. As early as the Old Kingdom, working boats and ship expeditions on the Red Sea were organized from the port of Al Sokhna. Similar material had also been found at the Wadi Maghareh, where many Old Kingdom inscriptions are found at this site. 



The summer season traditionally falls between April and October, which is dry, likely to be relatively hot and also peak travel time for tourists from all corners of the globeThe winter season runs between November and March, which is dry and moderately warm, however in the evening the temperatures drop across the desert allowing it to become much cooler at night. July is the hottest month in Al Sokhna with an average temperature ranging between 35-37°C and the coldest month is January with a low of 20°C. 

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Sokhna beach
Cairo from El Sokhna - Two Day Tour

Whilst in Al Sokhna, don’t miss the chance of visiting the bustling capital of Egypt, CairoGet maximum enjoyment from the holidays in El Sokhna. Have the opportunity to discover the renowned history and explore the insight into ancient Egypt in depth with some of our excursions available. Cairo is the capital of Egypt that never sleeps, with a population of about 9.5 million. The Greater Cairo metropolitan area includes Giza’s neighboring city on the west bank of the Nile and Shubra al-Keima to the north of Cairo. This region, with a population of about 20 million, is the largest in Africa. Get ready for this private 2-day trip to Cairo from El Sokhna. Experience an unforgettable memory with us in this pulsating city full of history. We will show you the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. Also, the step pyramid at Sakkara and Memphis. The next day you will visit the Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo. Without a doubt, our St. Anthony & St. Paul Monasteries from El Sokhna experience will not leave you disappointed. This unique excursion will allow you to visit the largest and ancient monasteries. Explore both history and religion at St Anthony and St. Paul monasteries – the oldest Christian monasteries.  

Ras Mohamed Snorkeling Tour
Mahmya from El Gouna
Snorkeling Port Ghalib

The Red Sea

For some, it is a divine paradise; for others, it is an important oil well or an indispensable transport route: the Red Sea.  

Desert mountains rise on its shores. In its depths, it hides a dazzling variety of fish and corals. 

From a geological perspective, the “Bahr al-Ahmar”, as the Red Sea is called in Arabic, is still quite young. It was created about 20-30 million years ago by separating the African and Asian continental plates. The resulting crack was filled with seawater. 

The beautiful Red Sea in Egypt has a surface area of about 438.000 km2, is around 2.250 km long, and, at its widest point, 355 km wide. It has a maximum depth of 3.040m in the central Suakin Trough and an average depth of 490 m. There are extensive shallow shelves, noted for their marine life and corals, too. 

Crystal clear water and sunshine that warms the soul, make the Egyptian Red Sea a great destination for vacationers all year round. 

The Red Sea Riviera is an extended coastal area full of beautiful beaches that lead to the Red Sea in Egypt. Here you’ll be able to swim among dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles, and an overwhelming number of fishes and corals. It is the perfect destination for diving at any time of the year. 

Al Sokhna –  Have you ever visualized what it is like to discover the inhabitants of the Red Sea first hand? Fancy diving deeper to get a glimpse of the exotic marine life Al Sokhna has to offer? The semi-submarine is ideal for those who want to explore what lives above the sea beds. Being situated on the Red Sea Al Sokhna is the perfect place to explore its bustling marine wildlife. 

Hurghada, is one of the oldest vacation spots on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea and also one of the famous attractions for tourists. The possibilities for activities in land and on the water are almost unlimited. You can take a submarine ride that allows you to explore 22 meters underwater, snorkeling amongst the vibrant marine life or relax on one of its beautiful Islands such as Paradise Island, Mahmya Island, and Orange Bay.  

El Gouna is a modern resort on the Red Sea, where you can choose to relax and take scenic walks along its marinas and lagoons or head out to spend a day on the sea with the Ocean Diva Catamaran, one of the most popular excursions in El Gouna. Diving, fishing, snorkeling, and much more is available to you in El Gouna. 

Marsa Alam, which is located south of Hurghada, also offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving. For example, one of the most popular places is Abu Dabbab, where you have the chance to see dugongs, sea turtles, and more. Snorkel amongst the islands of Hamata national park or discover the marine life of Sataya Reef or Samadai Reef. For experienced divers, Elphinstone Reef is not to be missed with the opportunity of coming face to face with white tip and hammerhead sharks. 

The Red Sea in Al Sokhna, Egypt, has a lot more to offer. More cities, more excursions, more fun, and excitement. Sempre Travel Egypt offers all these fantastic excursions.