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Hurghada was founded in 1905 and reigns as Egypt’s oldest touristic resort.

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Many guests associate Hurghada with the fascinating, colorful underwater world – and rightly so. However, this largest Egyptian touristic center on the Red Sea has a lot more to offer. We would like to show you in more detail what you can see and experience on your next visit to the resortThere is so much to look forward to; beautiful beaches, exhilarating activities , and unrivaled sights! With Sempre Travel Egypt we offer are pride ourselves on giving our guests the opportunity to explore the nation on our vast variety of tours all over Egypt. 

Hurghadaa city originally constructed as a small beach resort, stretching 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The city was only founded at the beginning of the 20th century and remained a small, unknown fishing village until the late 1970s. Now renowned for its exquisite opportunities for scuba diving, with numerous dive shops and schools around the cityDuring the day or evening there are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs to explore, whilst the old town, known as El Dahar, is home to more traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. Hurghada’s long stretch of sandy beaches are lined with grand hotel resortsHurghada has a subtropical desert climate.  

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The summer season traditionally falls between April and October, which is dry, likely to be relatively hot and also peak travel time for tourists from all corners of the globeThe winter season runs between November and March, which is dry and moderately warm, however in the evening the temperatures drop across the desert allowing it to become much cooler at night. July is the hottest month in Hurghada with an average temperature ranging between 3040°C and the coldest month is January with a low of 16°C. 

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Arabian Desert

Check out our various opportunities to explore the Eastern Desert!


Hurghada is the perfect place for a vacation in Egypt. There are many reasons for this, but above all, many holidaymakers are drawn to this former small fishing village due to its beautiful long sandy beaches. White sand and crystal-clear waters surrounded by the breathtaking Arabian desert landscape and oriental palm trees. What more could you want? 


The two most famous districts of Hurghada are El Dahar and Al-Sakala. The oldest part of the city is El Dahar, best known as the heart and soul of Hurghada. The hustle, bustle and traditional lifestyle helps to showcase Egypt and its residents at their finest.  

You can’t come to Egypt without experiencing a visit to a local souk, which is the Arabic name for a market. This famous souk of El Dahar captures an oriental atmosphere as you roam and shop for souvenirs of all kinds. However, you should of course not forget to haggle when buying at the souk, it’s all part of the fun. A short walk through the souk invites you to witness a small glimpse in to the day to day lives of those who reside here in Hurghada.  

Also, stroll through Hurghada’s impressive New Marina, visit the old fish market, and stand before the spectacular El Mina mosque on our city tour in Hurghada. 

El Gouna, otherwise known as the lagoon city, can only be drawn back to a short life story. This city was built in 1989 by Egyptian entrepreneur Samih Sawiris, and is managed by his Orascom group of companies. Even though the city is completely modern and chic, Egyptian building materials such as clay and natural stone were used for its construction. 

One might think that a new project is being built at the expense of nature, but far from it: During the construction of this city, a lot of emphasis was placed on nature conservation and El Gouna was the first city in Africa to receive the Global Green City Award. 

Today almost 24,000 people live in the private lagoon city. The city has 18 hotels, a single golf course, two marinas, and more than 100 restaurants and bars. In contrast to many other Egyptian cities, one thing, in particular, is at home here: luxury! 

Hurghada Museum

In addition to Cairo, Luxor, and other cities in Egypt, Hurghada now also has a museum, showcasing approximately 1,000 artifacts and monuments.
Take a small historical tour of the museum in Hurghada.
This museum offers foreign visitors to Hurghada the opportunity to explore a small piece of the ancient and modern history of Egypt without having to leave the city. 

Luxor Museum

The Eastern Desert

The Eastern Desert (also called “The Arabian Desert”) is an approximately 220,000 km² dry area of the Sahara Desert, located on the east of the Nile River – between the river and the Red Sea. It extends from the north of Egypt to Eritrea in the south and also comprises parts of Ethiopia and Sudan. The Eastern Desert is also called Red Sea Hills and occupies 96% of the country. 

The Eastern Desert is crossed by a mountain range. The highest peak is the “Gabal Sha’ib El Banat” located 40 km from the Red Sea, southwest of Hurghada. It is 2.187 meters high, making it the highest mountain in Egypt outside the Sinai Mountains. 

The Eastern Desert is rich in natural resources, including Egypt’s major oilfields, which is located both onshore and offshore in Gulf of Suez, and deposits of manganese, phosphate, uranium, petroleum, natural gas, copper, silver, zinc, iron ore, and gold. 

In the desert, there are also those who embrace the land – Bedouins. The word Bedouin comes from Arabic (Badawi) and means something like non-settled or nomadic. Bedouins are nomads who move from place to place in the desert regions of Egypt, the Sahara, and the desert part of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. 

Bedouins earn their living by breeding dromedaries (their main form of transportation), sheep, and goats. The Bedouins seek the grazing area for the animals when they move around in and on the edge regions of the desert. The Bedouins also benefit from strong tourism in Egypt. They invite guests and guided travelers on their dromedaries through the desert and show them their lifestyle. 

Have you always dreamed of exploring the beautiful wide Eastern desert? 

At Sempre Travel Egypt, we offer some great excursions into the desert. Whether by Quad or by Jeep, enjoy the beautiful desert landscape, listen to the silence of the desert, the beautiful nature, get to know the life of the Bedouins, and watch the sunset behind the mountains in the evening. You can experience all of this on one of our excursions. Take an unforgettable Safari Tour and ride the quad through the breathtaking desert landscape. 


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The Red Sea

For some, it is a divine paradise; for others, it is an important oil well or an indispensable transport route: the Red Sea.  

Desert mountains rise on its shores. In its depths, it hides a dazzling variety of fish and corals. 

From a geological perspective, the “Bahr al-Ahmar”, as the Red Sea is called in Arabic, is still quite young. It was created about 20-30 million years ago by separating the African and Asian continental plates. The resulting crack was filled with seawater. 

The beautiful Red Sea in Egypt has a surface area of about 438.000 km2, is around 2.250 km long, and, at its widest point, 355 km wide. It has a maximum depth of 3.040m in the central Suakin Trough and an average depth of 490 m. There are extensive shallow shelves, noted for their marine life and corals, too. 

Crystal clear water and sunshine that warms the soul, make the Egyptian Red Sea a great destination for vacationers all year round. 

The Red Sea Riviera is an extended coastal area full of beautiful beaches that lead to the Red Sea in Egypt. Here you’ll be able to swim among dugongs, dolphins, sea turtles, and an overwhelming number of fishes and corals. It is the perfect destination for diving at any time of the year. 

Hurghada, is one of the oldest vacation spots on the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea and also one of the famous attractions for tourists. The possibilities for activities in land and on the water are almost unlimited. You can take a submarine ride that allows you to explore 22 meters underwater, snorkeling amongst the vibrant marine life or relax on one of its beautiful Islands such as Paradise Island, Mahmya Island, and Orange Bay.  

El Gouna is a modern resort on the Red Sea, where you can choose to relax and take scenic walks along its marinas and lagoons or head out to spend a day on the sea with the Ocean Diva Catamaran, one of the most popular excursions in El Gouna. Diving, fishing, snorkeling, and much more is available to you in El Gouna. 

Marsa Alam, which is located south of Hurghada, also offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving. For example, one of the most popular places is Abu Dabbab, where you have the chance to see dugongs, sea turtles, and more. Snorkel amongst the islands of Hamata national park or discover the marine life of Sataya Reef or Samadai Reef. For experienced divers, Elphinstone Reef is not to be missed with the opportunity of coming face to face with white tip and hammerhead sharks. 

The Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt, has a lot more to offer. More cities, more excursions, more fun, and excitement. Sempre Travel Egypt offers all these fantastic excursions.

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